3 services when you’re moving in together

3 services when you’re moving in together

The decision to move in with your partner is a new and exciting experience that can also produce a mixture of anxiety and anticipation. Joining two livelihoods can be overwhelming so when the questions of paint colour, furniture styling and chores come into play, we’re here to connect you with the right expert to make moving in together a little bit easier. With access to over 150 service categories including removalists, handymen and more, here are the three services that can help when you’re moving in together.

1. A cleaner to keep the peace

Your partner has probably led a different lifestyle and walked a different path to you, so when you’re moving in together, the way you clean or organise your space is likely to look different. It’s worth discussing the sharing of chores and household to-dos to ensure your shared spaces remain enjoyed but if you find yourself surprised by the cleanliness or lack thereof, of your partner, connect with a general cleaner or a carpet cleaner to keep the differences at bay. Or if you’re both busy with work and would rather spend your free time at dinner rather than scrubbing the bathroom floor, why not ask for some help?

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2. An accountant to stick to budget

Discussing finances may not be the most exhilarating process but having an in-depth conversation about budgeting and spending before the moving truck arrives can reduce money-related conflicts down the line. How do you plan to divide the grocery costs or bills? Do you choose to set up a joint bank account? These questions aren’t easy but discussing the matter with the right accountant can give you the financial guidance you need to make the best decision. Don’t forget to include date night in your budget!

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3. An interior designer for the final say

There’s nothing worse than divided opinions about the interior design. The way you want the living room to look, the organisation of the kitchen. Rather than arguing in the middle of IKEA, let the expert interior designer decide which layout would look best with your home. If you’re having difficulty crafting an interior design, ask the experts here.

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Keep in mind that healthy communication with your partner is the key to success in this process. With the help of a brilliant expert, the uncertainty of moving in together is looked after with the right connection.