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The Oneflare team share their favourite product features

At Oneflare, our mission is to provide Aussie businesses with the best way to find work. Over the last 12 months, we’ve been busy listening to your feedback and implementing improvements to make Oneflare easier to use, and more effective at helping you win work. 

To celebrate, we asked some of the team from Oneflare HQ to share their favourite parts of the platform. Here’s what they had to say.

Sync Accounts

“Our Sync Accounts feature is incredibly powerful. It means businesses can bring together all their great reviews in one spot – hassle-free” – Cindy, Head of Support 

“My favourite part of onboarding is going through the Sync Accounts feature. If a business has a lot of Facebook and Google reviews, they all show up together in one spot and their page looks amazing! Businesses are very happy with the way their page looks afterwards.” – Nicky, Customer Success Manager

Our Sync Accounts feature is a favourite amongst Oneflare HQ team members and businesses alike. It allows you to showcase reviews from not only Oneflare customers, but Facebook and Google accounts as well.

Businesses like GT Plumbing use Oneflare to showcase their reviews.

Profile analytics

“The profile analytics are a great indication of how well the directory exposure is helping any business. You can see all the interactions customers are having with your profile. From contact clicks, views, and impressions it’s all easily accessible for the business to see in one centralised place!” – Shane, Sales Manager

Auto quoting

“Auto quoting is a really cool feature for businesses who use it well. It is hassle-free once you’re set-up, and provides unique value that no other competitors can.”  – Nura, UX Designer 

“Auto-quoting has changed the game for so many businesses who don’t have the time to make quick initial contact with the customer on Oneflare. It’s highly customised with the number and types of work you want to quote, it has allowed even sole-traders on the tools to win work consistently!” Brendan, Business Development Manager

Auto quoting is the easiest way to quote in the Oneflare platform. Simply set your job criteria and budget, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Oneflare Now

My favourite part of our product is Oneflare Now. It’s such a unique offer, that allows tradies to win jobs more quickly and efficiently. Though a close second would be the new profile screen on our Business App which we recently updated with a ton of new features. I love that it puts full control of preferences in the palm of our businesses’ hands.” – Nak, Mobile Developer

Oneflare Now is currently available to Locksmiths, Electricians, Plumbers and Towing Professionals. It is an exciting new direct call service that allows you to connect directly with customers needing a job sorted urgently.

Business inbox

“Our in-house built chat application is used by thousands of businesses every day. It ties efficiency and transparency into a single page application, that allows businesses to manage their Oneflare clients with ease.” – Yianni, Developer 

If you haven’t already, download the Oneflare for Business app today in the App Store, or on Google Play, to unlock a world of features to help you win work.

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