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Tips and tricks from our Account Managers

Oneflare’s goal is to connect businesses with the right customers. With the help of our Account Managers, we’re able to meet that goal by providing business owners/operators with practical advice on how to win work, manage leads and grow a business. 

This article sums up the top tips and tricks from our Account Managers that have helped businesses see the most success.

Ash, an ocean-dwelling, pilates-loving, wine enthusiast shares her top tips

  • Be consistent & keep it simple – Have a stand-out profile and an engaging message to first reach out to clients with, and tell them when you will try to contact them (and actually stick to it)
  • Don’t devalue the small leads – I have had a bathroom renovator complete a $70 tile repair and end up coming back with 2 full bathroom renovations and a laundry renovation from that single lead
  • Harness the power of word-of-mouth – I’ve had a renderer complete a $100 job and the neighbour saw this guy’s work and booked him for a $21,000 lead
  • Back yourself! – As a small business owner, you’ve already spent the time and money backing yourself to get to where you are, making sure your customers and potential customers know why they should choose you

Fred, the gym and football fanatic’s two cents on winning work

  • Follow up – Make sure you always follow up with a phone call when quoting on a job, you want to make sure you are the customer 1st choice and not others, make sure your profile is up to date so it stands out
  • Start small – Quoting on smaller jobs can land you bigger jobs in the future

Temika, a coffee and animal-loving member of the Oneflare team shares her greatest bits of advice

  • A win is a win – Don’t close the door on smaller jobs – they have less competition, less idealism, and can often lead to bigger things. If you make someone feel valued on the small jobs, they’re more likely to come back to you for a larger project.
  • Call, call, call – A voice on the end of the phone is so much more powerful than a text, and it’s really the most effective way to sell your expertise.

Sammy, our sunshine state AM, who spends her time at her local freshwater creek when she’s not helping her businesses

  • Invest in your profile – The best thing a business can do is have a stand-out profile. This gives them the best opportunity to be chosen by the customer when all the profile details are completed and verified, with photos and reviews. 
  • Stand out with images – include a picture of yourself and/or your team.  Customers want to see the faces behind the business and it gives them confidence in choosing a business for their job, particularly if that person is coming to their home. Family pics and anything with a pet involved is a great way to connect with your clients and show them who you are.  It also stands out from the sea of logos.

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