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Success story | Maureen from Bark Busters

Maureen bought into the Bark Busters franchise in 2007. Bark Busters has been around since 1989, originating in Wollongong, it’s the world’s largest dog training company. 

What drove this business decision for Maureen was her love for animals and how rewarding dog training is. To positively impact the relationship between owners and their furry friends, is something Maureen is really passionate about, she strives for “peace and harmony” with all her clients.  Bark Busters services both North & East Perth providing quality dog training services to pet owners in need.

Maureen & Glen, the team at Bark Busters / Source: Bark Busters Perth North & Perth East

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Challenges before Oneflare

Like all new business owners, Maureen struggled with marketing and getting her business name out there. Feeling that there simply wasn’t enough time in the day to attract new clients even if there was, she wasn’t sure where to look to find quality customers.  Before Oneflare it was hard to share information about their services and to reach clients directly. 

Experience on Oneflare 

Since joining Oneflare, Maureen’s business has gone from strength to strength. Making special mention of the quality of customers on Oneflare, describing them as genuine and of high intent for using Bark Busters.  Customer service at Oneflare is an additional feature she finds very supportive, knowing our local Sydney based team is only a phone call away in any instance is great peace of mind for a business owner. 

Maureen is also a huge fan of our auto-quoting feature, it allows her to win even more work without having to worry about quoting. Our auto quoting feature sends quotes on behalf of businesses when a lead comes in that matches their preferred job criteria. Simply set it up and win work.

Results on Oneflare 

Bark Busters now has 

  • A stellar 5-star rating with nearly 200 reviews
  • Genuine, high-quality leads
  • A thriving business

Maureen’s advice for any business looking to sign up with Oneflare is: “It is well worth it, in this day and age the more presence you have the better, as everything is researched reviewed and booked on the internet!

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Maureen with her Siberian Husky, Jasper / Source: Bark Busters Perth North & Perth East

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