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Video testimonial | Alex from GT Plumbing

Learn about Alex’s journey with Oneflare, how together we’ve achieved great things for his small Aussie business.

My name is Alex and I’m the owner of GT Plumbing. I’m basically here to provide a very high-level service to our customers. What I love about being a plumber is it’s a continuation of helping people. You’ve got a set of skills and when you really good at it then it’s easy and you make things look easy.  I enjoy getting up every single day. It’s what I always want to do. 

Everyone helps and everyone needs honesty and everyone needs someone that’s going to be genuine with them and we’re here for honesty. I’ve been on Oneflare for about 3 years, 3 years running strong. We’ve used other platforms but the support around the other platforms are not there. They’re more about the sales, more about numbers, whereas Oneflare is more about your relationship. 

Oneflare provides you with all the analytics that you need, they give you live date updates, they can even tell you how many people actually looked at your profile and how many people actually reached out to you or made a phone call. You don’t get that information elsewhere and if you do, you got to chase it. This is zero effort. 

Because we’re on Oneflare, we don’t have a Google presence. There’s no need for it. Oneflare will manage the reviews honestly and they’ll vet it honestly. So you’re not going to have your competition come along and then give you a really bad rating when the customer is not verified. I’m sorry but Google does not do that, Oneflare does. This is a really big benefit, so you are going to get genuine reviews. We’ve got 131 reviews at the moment, the majority are 5-star, they’ll go look for that review and say ok these guys have amazing reviews and we’ll get direct phone calls coming through.

You want to be spending the time on the tools and time with the customers and making the money and the more time you spend off the tools you’re not making any money. So Oneflare will help you. It’s a very good platform to come in, build your customer base up, keep working and also make it presents online. It’ll work really well.  

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