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Video testimonial | Eric from E Team Removals

Watch how Oneflare has helped Eric and his team find constant, quality leads.

My name is Eric and I’m the director of E Team Removals.  I run the business solely and predominantly by myself. The reason I joined as a removalist is that I had a medical issue, a motorbike accident. But you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love removals, I’m passionate about what I do because moving is a very stressful part of your life. 

When you first start in any business, it’s going to be hard, treacherous, with lots of financial factors. To find customers was very very hard so we got onto Oneflare and signed up on a package deal. Promoting the idea of generating more leads, generating more customers and basically like a marketing tool for us. It helped us exponentially, tapping into a wider audience and network of customers. There are a lot of features on Oneflare, it’s quick, it’s convenient, it gives you notifications when leads are coming through.

Auto quoting gives you the opportunity to speed up the process. When you’re on the run you working as a removalist you got no time, time is your enemy. So you know what the functionality makes it a lot easier.  Everything about Oneflare, obviously they’ve built a very good platform, very good relationships, they are always there listening to what I have to say, my feedback, my ideas, supporting us with all the mechanisms required to grow our business.

I highly recommend Oneflare for tradies to grow their business, grow their customer base and most importantly grow their income. 

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