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Video testimonial | Peter from Prestige Australian Financial Services

See how Peter had grown his finance business with quality Oneflare leads.

Hi, I’m Peter, I’m the founder of Prestige Australian Financial Services. Our main mission is to help people build wealth and pay the least amount of tax that they legally have to. Predominantly, we’re an accounting and tax-based business but we offer our clients a lot more than that.What we’re trying to do is focus on two main things, the first one is to help our clients build wealth for themselves and their families. The second is to have them pay the least amount of tax they have to.

The biggest challenge that most businesses face is generating enough income, you’ve always got good ideas and many things you want to do and try different things. It got to a point where that kind of print advertising in mailboxes stopped working. That’s when I started looking for something else to bring in a large volume and good quality leads. That’s where Oneflare really fit in well.  It was less work, so we knew that the people that were on the Oneflare site were looking for the products that we had to offer. 

We’re able to set parameters inside the app on Oneflare saying what income level we wanted to deal with, where they were located, whether they wanted virtual or actual services. Being able to streamline things like that, we were getting just high-quality leads that were so much easier for us to onboard into our business. Our job is to make our clients wealthier and the thing that makes that happen the best is that we’re able to service them really well. 

The service we get from Oneflare,  it’s really first-class. They’re fast,  I never had a problem and I walked away thinking we didn’t reach the solution that I wanted to reach on that. We’ve always got to the point where I thought, this is a great solution for us.

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