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Success story | Wayne from WM Painting

Here we share Wayne’s story

Wayne has worked in the painting industry for over 20 years. In the beginning, he worked full-time for large companies, and on the weekends he would work privately to supplement his income for things like family holidays. Wayne’s skill and experience in the larger companies landed him as site supervisor,  where he continued to grow his industry knowledge and people management skills. 

After many years, he realised he had the experience to run his own business and more importantly, be his own boss. In 2015, Wayne had a good amount of clients from his weekend work to feel confident enough to start building his business, W&M Painting. 5 years on, Wayne grew to a team of 3 and managed to simultaneously run up to 3 jobs in different locations all across Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

The W&M team in action / Source: W&M Painting

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Challenges before Oneflare

As a first-time small business owner, Wayne “wasn’t sure how to get himself out there”. He started by hiring a designer to create a website but later found out about the need for search engine optimisation (SEO), a task that is complex and expensive to maintain. 

Wayne needed more avenues to find leads and more ways to secure work. He understood that he needed to invest in a service platform like Oneflare to find these opportunities. 

Experience on Oneflare

Since joining Oneflare over 4 years ago, Wayne has managed to build his business and employ a team of painters, all without having to think about marketing or SEO. The volume of leads brought to Wayne by Oneflare has been great enough to sustain steady business growth for W&M Painting. He recently received a 2021 Service Award, an accolade that has attributed to an even greater demand for his services. 

Results on Oneflare

W&M Painting Services now has 

  • A stellar 5-star review rating 
  • Steady, high-quality leads
  • A team of professional painters with the ability to service 3 jobs at once 
  • The freedom to choose the type of clients, jobs and locations to service

Wayne’s advice for any business looking to sign up with Oneflare is: “To get yourself out there, you need a platform. Oneflare is like a trampoline to getting yourself out there”

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Exterior house painting / Source: W&M Painting

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