3 Autumn Home Decor Ideas

3 Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Changing your home decor to suit each new season can add a timely breath of fresh air. As autumn settles in, be inspired by the colours and textures around you and let nature set the stage with 3 autumn home decor ideas.

Add Autumn Colours

Autumn is renowned for its beautiful display of colours and adding a new coat of colour to the walls will instantly create a different ambience. Adopt nature’s example and bring in the hues of autumn with warm neutrals, rich reds and mustard yellows to create a cosy and homely decor. The ombre tones of withering leaves or the blurred shades of an autumn sunset will always guarantee your home is in sync with the season.

Image Credit: Dulux Australia

This year, there are also options for the bold and daring, with creative colours inspired by Dulux’s Mexican Standoff theme. Along with the reds, golds and oranges that dominate during this season, Dulux predicts bursts of brighter and bolder colours this season to complement block colours, neutrals and soft hues to add a unique and crafty touch to your home.

Make your autumn decor trends last by taking on board popular earthy trends. Check out our 2015 trend report for more details.

Autumn Textures

Growing accustomed to the new season comes easy with warm cushion covers and sofa blankets. Get your indoors feeling new by updating your curtains, carpets and bed sheets with an autumn colour palette.

Choose curtain colours that showcase nature by drawing on shades of gold, burnt orange, rich browns and creamy tones. Neutrals colours and splashes of yellow can also contribute some autumn charm to your home.

Autumn Curtain

Keep in mind that although it precedes winter, the autumn months have a different decorative element to winter. Remember to:

  • Avoid thick curtains and bed sheets that will overwhelm your interior space.
  • Opt for soft rugs and patterned throw cushions that will accentuate the autumn colours.

Embellish like Autumn

Simple and natural decorations on your dining table or living room space, can add an organic flair by bringing the outdoors in.

Feature slender branches from your backyard as table centrepieces or eye catching additions to your living room. Surround the centrepiece with scented candles for extra seasonal glow.

Autumn Hues

Here are some extra decoration ideas:

  • Upgrade your existing lampshade by wrapping twine and burlap around a champagne-hued shade to add an autumnal glow.
  • Create your own autumn themed wreath to usher in the new season.
  • Cut triangles of burlap, tint the corners with gold and hang across a door frame or unused fireplace to add some autumn spark.

Autumn can be a beautiful excuse to restyle and redecorate your home this season. Enjoy your cosy evenings indoors with these seasonal decorations but ensure your garden is also prepared with our autumn gardening tips.