Oneflare’s Christmas gift ideas for someone who loves DJing

There’s no denying that electronic music is everywhere. It’s been around for decades and makes up a huge portion of what’s played on the radio and in the nightlife scene. So many people follow their favourite DJs on social media, music festivals and music streaming sites, that it’s no wonder there are a lot of hobby DJs out there who are inspired to mix their own tracks at home.

However, electronic music equipment doesn’t come cheap. All the basic equipment, like a computer, a decent set of headphones and the turntables can end up costing in the thousands. Whether the DJ hobbyist in your life has the basic set-up already or enjoys electronic music but hasn’t got any of the gadgets yet, we think they will really appreciate these four gift ideas this Christmas.

Portable synthesizers


In the electronic music world, the demand for compact and affordable hardware tools to make music is increasing. Before this, computers and various software programs were the most popular way DJ hobbyists could practice mixing and recording tracks. Now, there is a huge market for portable, pocket-sized synths and what’s even better is that they’re affordable as well.

Perfect for playing around on when waiting at the airport, sitting on public transport or spending a lazy afternoon at home, portable synths are lightweight and carry easily inside a pocket. Able to mix, record and play music, some have inbuilt radios, while others have miniature keyboards. These battery-operated pocket synths are so popular nowadays you can easily pick them up online, or at any electronics store.

Keyboard covers


Not only do keyboard covers keep your computer’s keyboard safe from dust build-up and spills, but for the hobby DJ, they can save a heap of time and trial-and-error when it comes to mixing and recording music using a computer software program. Designed to work specifically with different computer models, these covers show multiple layers of keyboard shortcuts and make learning them by heart much easier.

Designed to work in conjunction with the different types of music recording software programs, these keyboard covers come colour-coded so the shortcuts stand out easily and are remembered quickly. The colour groups also match up with certain decks or layers in the music. Before gifting these, check what model of laptop or computer your hobbyist has, and check what software program they use. You’ll find the covers easily online or at a DJ equipment store.

Vinyl record case


Every DJ needs a case to carry their music with them to gigs and look the part. LPs need to be kept in perfect condition, because even a single scratch can cause the needle to skip and ruin the whole record. Now your DJ hobbyist can keep all their vinyl records scratch-free and sans dust with a cool record case. Find out how many vinyl records your DJ hobbyist has and you can get a set of matching cases if they have a large collection.

Cases are reasonably inexpensive and many have wheels and ergonomic handles to transport around with ease. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and able to hold lots of vinyl records at a time, there are traditional black and metal cases, or more quirky cases which make a unique gift to suit the person you’re getting them for. Buy yours at an electronics store or music store, or for a wider variety, look online.

Headphone adapter


This small stocking-filler gift is a must for every DJ, and you can buy them by the handful. These handy devices always get lost because of their size. As essential as headphones themselves, these adaptors mean that a DJ can plug in their own headphones to any electronic device to listen and play music. They are ideal for DJs to carry around without weighing them down like other DJ-related products.

Some headphone adaptors come plated in precious materials like gold, while others can plug into USB ports to use with a desktop computer, laptop or handheld device. Some DJs even like to use bluetooth headphone adaptors to connect wirelessly. Small and inexpensive, you can find them at any electronics or music store, as well as a wide variety online.

No matter what stage of experience the DJ hobbyist in your life is at, whether they’re an amateur or a professional, we’re sure that one or more of these gifts under the tree is guaranteed to bring smiles this Christmas. Perfect for birthdays and other gift-giving occasions too, they pack light if you need to travel with your presents and can be sent interstate or overseas quite easily.

If the electronic music lover you know wants to see a real DJ in action, why not book one of our Oneflare DJ experts for your next big party or event?