Outdoor Lighting Decor

Outdoor Lighting Decor

Outdoor lights serve a practical purpose, illuminating dark spaces, lighting a pathway and securing your home during the night. Along with its functional benefits, outdoor lighting decor can replace a gloomy and uninviting space with an ambient glow in your backyard. Create an idyllic zone in the comfort of your own garden with our 3 stunning ideas to decorate an outdoor space with lights.

Garden Uplights

LED uplights are mounted at ground level to focus light upwards and illuminate surrounding plants, showcase the architectural features of your home and create a modern edge to your garden and landscaping. Uplights can update a dull garden wall or add character to a mundane space and are inconspicuous during the day.


Downlights also function as great spot lights, accentuating different features in your garden whilst also adding an inviting and ambient space. There are a variety of uplights to choose from when accommodating to your garden design. The lights you choose will depend on the angle and effect you wish to create.

Uplights are designed to withstand fluctuating weather conditions and temperature changes and installing a durable copper ground light will further extend the life of your ground light. When adding an uplight, angling the light create harsh shadows but positioning the light close to the base of a plant, will let the light beam travel upwards.


String Lights

For a cafe-inspired vintage look, hang rows of string lights overhead or across a gazebo. String lights can cover a wide range of space and function as a versatile decorating option for a unique outdoor space.


Take precaution and avoid any loose power leads or exposed hooks as you install your outdoor string lights. Secure outdoor leads and chords with electrical tape or clips rather than utilising screws or hooks which are prone to corrosion. Once you have fastened your string lights into position, replacing faulty globes can be incredibly time consuming. String lights are available in a range of colours and styles, but low wattage incandescent lights are popular for its tinge of yellow. Before purchasing a string light, confirm it is fitted with LED bulbs for a longer lasting alternative in your outdoor space.

LED lights use 85% less energy than regular incandescent lights, saving you energy and money in the long haul. To find out more how you can save with LED lights, check out our Six Energy Saving Tips.

Nylon Lanterns

Lanterns are a ubiquitous source of light and atmosphere in Asia for their subtle elegance. String a few lanterns to decorate and light an outdoor space or add lanterns to complement your existing lights. Nylon lanterns are finished with a soft lustre and a bright finish and are an eye-catching addition to your garden. Unlike than the traditional paper lantern, nylon lanterns are also wind and water resistant making it more acclimatised to the outdoors.


Fix lanterns near a water feature or along shoots of bamboo or a decorative urn to maximise an oriental or subtropical theme. Rather than filling the entire garden, space out the lanterns for a cohesive and natural feel in your outdoor space.

Solar lanterns are an energy efficient alternative, with most solar lanterns equipped with dual LED bulbs, rechargeable batteries and built in sensors that allow the lanterns to switch on automatically and glow for up to eight hours.

Refreshing an outdoor space can be easy with the right lighting additions. Consider your existing outdoor space and the desired effect to choose a lighting option best suited to your unique outdoor space. For more info, check out all the posts from our SWITCH ON lighting campaign or read more of our electrician posts.