The anti-Valentine’s Day guide to feeling loved


There are two types of people on Valentine’s Day – the ones with dates, and the ones without. We say to heck with all those couples being extra coupley and heck yes to self-indulgence and dancing the night away. Here’s our guide to having your best anti-Valentine’s Day yet:

Aromatherapy or swedish? 


Avoid the awkwardness of having to go by yourself to a massage parlour only to see couples treating themselves to a couples massage for Valentine’s Day. Why not hire one of our expert massage specialists to come to the comfort and privacy of your own home? You could even grab a friend who is also anti-Valentine’s Day to have a massage with you.

Did someone say party?


Host a singles party this year and invite all the single people you know. We’ve got expert caterers who can take care of the food and drinks, and if you want to really take the stress out of hosting, we’ve also got top party and event planners to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our DJs will have everyone enjoying themselves, and who knows who you’ll meet on the dancefloor.

New hair, new you


You’re always going to feel a million bucks when you have your hair and makeup done. We’ve got professional hair and makeup artists who can come to your home to provide these services. A fresh hair cut, colour and blow dry will have you looking great, and professional makeup will fill you with confidence for your next event.

Say cheese


Take your mind off being alone on Valentine’s Day and indulge in a photoshoot with one of our top photographers. Specialists in glamour photos, portraits and headshots, this is a unique way to indulge and treat yourself to something special. Plus, you’ll have fantastic photos of yourself to last a lifetime.

If these suggestions don’t sound like you, but dancing the night away does, there are loads of cultural events and parties on especially for singles. Here’s what we found for you to do:


Anti-Valentine’s Day at the Australian Museum


BangPop’s anti-Valentine’s Day dinner


Cloudland’s anti-Valentine’s Day feast


Anti-Valentine’s Day party at Electra House