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Top 8 paint colours for 2017

Just as clothes, food and celebrities come into fashion before plummeting out of style, interior design also goes through fads and phases. This is especially true for colours – with some years opting for subtle pastel tones and others demanding vibrant hues. If you’re looking to spruce up your home in 2017, knowing the upcoming colour trends can give your home a modern feel.

Understanding colour psychology

Studies have shown that different colours bring out certain emotions. Blue, for example, is a relaxing and calming colour, which makes it great for a bedroom. Red, on the other hand, is exciting and energetic, which means it doesn’t encourage a good night’s sleep. Of course, people respond to colours individually, but there’s normally a common or similar reaction shared by most of us. When you’re decorating your home, it’s important that you put your own feelings first and foremost.

Although the psychology behind these colours never changes, trends continue to move on. A peaceful green might replace a serene blue, a luxurious purple may gain favour over the creativity of yellow. In short, it’s to stop us getting bored – what sort of world would we live in if we all chose the same colours? – but like all trends, popular colours will come back round again.

Even if a colour becomes popular, it doesn’t mean you can’t add your own individual touch. While one home may paint all their walls with a certain shade, others might look for wallpaper in that colour. Another house may just paint a feature wall or the skirting boards and cornices, while yet another person may choose that colour for curtains, rugs or other accessories – with the benefit that if they go off that colour in the future, or start to see it in too many places, they can change it without too much drama.

So what are the eight paint colours to look out for in 2017?

1. Shadowy blue

We’ve touched on the soothing effects of blue, and how well that works in a bedroom, and as a standard colour, it’s one that’s used the world over. For 2017, it’s dark blues – like that of a calm ocean or the evening sky, a colour often seen as eyelids naturally begin to gain weight – that’s going to become popular.

shadowy blue living room bedroom paint

This shade is especially effective if you’re looking for ways to help you nod off, so naturally it goes well in the bedroom. Compared to lighter blues, it’s better at absorbing, rather than reflecting, morning light, making those weekend lie-ins even more enjoyable.

When you’re shopping for paints, aim for dusky shades of blue rather than the darker midnight hues.

2. Sunshine yellow

Blue also has negative connotations, and too much of it lead to a home feeling sad and cold. Counterbalance this with strong yellow paint (although not necessarily in the same room).

Yellow is traditionally a happy and optimistic colour, one that’s full of energy and encourages creativity. This makes it a great colour for an artist’s studio or a study, or more generally for a room that people are going to spend a lot of time in. Be sure not to get anything too bright – soft or dusted yellows are better suited for use in the home.

3. Stone grey

Grey is a great neutral tone – one that seems to be in constant rotation with whites and beiges – that helps to add a touch of class to its surroundings. While a room full of grey can be a bit bleak and overpowering, using grey to accent a room can help to add a darker tone to those that are otherwise very light.

stone grey wall paint colours 2017

Another option is to go heavy with a lighter grey, and then use a bright colour – like a vivid orange or a coppery tone – as a feature tone.

4. Soothing teal

With blue and green both being calming, it’s no surprise that the colours that fall between those two on the spectrum reinforce that relaxed feeling. Teal was hugely popular with recent generations, and now it’s making its mark with millennials too. Whether you want it in your bedroom or to help you relax in your lounge is up to you, but either way, it’s a great help unwinding after a hard day’s work.

5. Earthy combinations

While having a strong feature colour can be important, sometimes it’s the way you use complementary colours that’s more telling. Bringing the colours of nature into your home is going to be big in 2017, with neutral beiges paired with leafy greens. Again, you’re getting that nice relaxing feel, as well as the harmony and refreshment offered by greens.

earthy tones colour scheme wall paint

Dark greens will also become popular when used by themselves, especially for items like cushions and couches that want to seen as inviting and comforting. Natural materials, such as wood panelling and stripped floorboards, are also likely to grow in popularity.

6. Energetic orange

Bright colours help to invigorate people – think about the colours you see in your gym – and 2017 is going to be the year of bright, happy oranges. Consider using this colour close to your front door, that way when you’re tying your shoes and getting ready to leave, you’ll subconsciously pep yourself up for whatever lies outside.

7. Pastel pink

pastel pink room colours

While a whole room painted (and fully accessorised in) pink can be overwhelming for many (as well as give off certain undesirable connotations), a few pink splashes can help bring a warm and caring feeling to a home. Traditionally, it’s also a colour that promotes fertility, so it may be a bedroom option for couples looking to start a family.

8. Red wine

While red can often be overpowering in itself – although very striking for retail stores who want to draw attention to a certain product – a red shade going into maroon or burgundy can give an air of sophistication and luxury to a room. Ideally this should be a room that you use to entertain, such as a dining area.

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