Industrial Themed Decor

Industrial Themed Decor

With geometric patterns, sleek finishes and raw materials, the industrial interior style combines a trendy contemporary look with a touch of elegance and charm. The modern look takes an empty and barren space, and turns it into a detailed, stylish and trendy arena, but you don’t need to live in an old warehouse to adopt the industrial edge to your home. With the right floorboards and a combination of raw materials and muted colours and industrial themed decor, you can recreate the style in your existing space.

Industrial themed flooring.

Industrial flooring inspo from Oneflare Scrapbooks.

Timber is a flawless flooring solution that exhibits an industrial vibe in your home with the added benefit of functionality. The industrial theme combines practicality with sleek, contemporary designs. Timber is durable and extremely functional, making it the perfect option, but its appeal lies in its natural and textured look. Medium to dark timber floors with a weathered finish, reinforce a smooth yet natural feel to your home. Timber floorboards with a worn patina and prominent grain will also enhance the industrial look in and add an inviting feel. Opt for wide timber floorboards as the width between each edge gives a natural, seamless look, similar to the concrete floors of an old industrial space.

For a budgeted alternative to timber, laminate strips can create the impression of real timber for a lot less than the real thing. Laminate can complement existing or new wood work and can be an affordable alternative in high-activity zones. View the range of laminate choices available at Choices Flooring for extra inspiration.

Industrial and rustic decorations.

Industrial collection from Lifestyle Home and Living.

Complement timber floorboards with industrial themed decor such as recycled wood, salvaged furnishings or restored metal accessories. Weathered timber stools, rustic metal tables or a salvaged cabinet will add character and nostalgic warmth to your factory inspired space. Aim for accessories with sleek edges and protruding corners for the perfect industrial look. Rustic timber ladders also add a practical and decorative element to your space, doubling as an effective storage solution for your towels, shoes or umbrellas. Thick, natural rugs with weaves and dark colours can also be an effective addition to timber floorboards.

Industrial themed pendant lights.

Pendant lights and kitchen inspo from Oneflare Scrapbooks.

Hanging pendant lights can add character to a room, whilst giving a rusted factory vibe Caged lights or metal pendants also draw attention with its detailed edges or smooth metal surface. Pendant lights are a modern addition to any space. Check out more trending light ideas here.

Industrial themed wallpaper

Faux concrete finishes from White Mica wallpaper.

Complete the industrial look with faux concrete, wooden or geometric finishes by adding wallpaper designs. The variety of brick, stone and concrete wallpaper finishes can instantly revamp your home into an industrial themed home without the high ceilings and cold walls of a real factory.

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