makeup essentials

Everyday, on-the-go makeup essentials

With our everyday lives becoming busier and increasingly stressful; having to juggle work, kids and maintain a social life, this can diminish time for getting ready in the morning. And, with cosmetic brands constantly releasing new products, it can be difficult to determine what you really need for an everyday, easy and quick natural look. Here are 4 makeup essentials to keep in your handbag for those rushed mornings or makeup routines on the commute to work:

1. BB cream or tinted moisturiser

Applying a liquid foundation every morning can be a time-consuming way to even out your complexion. By choosing a liquid foundation as your base, you’re spending time trying to even out the product and it can get quite messy, depending on how full coverage the product is. Blemish Balms were designed to to replace moisturiser, primer and foundation – they can be applied quickly and easily without a mirror, and also provide an array of benefits for your skin. Most include SPF sun protection and keep your skin moisturised all day. It’s also a lightweight solution to skin coverage, so your skin will look natural without feeling heavy or cakey.

If you want more coverage: Apply a lightweight powder foundation over the top of your chosen cream.

2. Tinted eyebrow gel

Filling in your brows every morning with a pencil or pomade requires time and a firm hand. A quality tinted brow gel will be there to save the day when you don’t have any minutes to spare. Opting for a tinted gel instead of a clear gel will give your brows body, whilst also keeping your hairs in place.

If you want darker brows: The easiest way to darken up your brows is with a pencil. Before you apply the gel, lightly fill the sparse areas of your brows and use a spooly to brush through the strokes to help them appear natural.

3. Eyelash-lengthening mascara

Moving onto eyes, all you’ll need is mascara – their packaging mean they’re perfect to carry around in your handbag and are a lot more compact than bringing an eyeshadow palette around. A lengthening mascara over a volumising one will heighten the ‘no makeup-makeup’ look.

To darken up your eyes: To darken up the eye area while still keeping the look natural, tightline your top eyelash line with a black or brown eyeliner. Tightlining will also make your lashes appear thicker and longer.

4. Tinted lip balm

The last step will be the process of adding dimension and a touch of colour to your lips. Lipstick usually requires a mirror and it can be hard to be precise while the train or bus is rocking back and forth – lipstick smeared across your face isn’t a good look. Reaching for a tinted lip balm will accentuate your lips in a natural manner without drawing too much attention to them. Much like a tinted moisturiser, look for a lip balm that contains SPF to keep your lips hydrated and plump all day long.

To add a more solid colour: If you’d like a more solid and even colour on your lips, before applying the lip balm, fill in your lips with a nude lip pencil. The lip pencil will add an even amount of colour and the lip balm will add moisture so your lips don’t try out throughout the day.

These 4 products are the bare essentials if you’re strapped for time, and they are all compact enough to take around with you for the day. This regimen will take off essential time to your morning routine and can take some of the stress off within your busy day.