Interior Painting Tips

Interior Painting Tips

A new coat of paint can instantly transform the look and feel of any room making interior painting a popular decorative choice for many homeowners. The decision to DIY requires careful preparation and consideration and often the job is best left to the experts. Preparing your home for a new layer of colour? Here are some handy interior painting tips to get you started:  

Choosing a colour

The right colour can help a space appear bigger and brighter. Consider the size and layout of the space you intend to paint as your colour choice will likely affect the look and feel of the entire space. Read more on how to choose the right paint colour.


Select acrylic or oil-based paint

The type of paint you choose will also influence the time it takes to finish a wall. Acrylic paint only needs a few hours to dry before the second coat but an oil-based paint can need up to 24 hours between coats.

Preparing your surfacephoto-1449668800654-c55ef9de3ef5

Preparation is the most important step in interior painting because even the most expensive paint will not bode well on an uneven, dirty surface. Cleaning your wall before an application with soap and water will help the paint stick to the surface whereas sanding your wall can create a smooth finish for a professional painting job.

Paint the trim first

Most painters will work on the trim or base of a wall before they start on the rest. Save the time you have with an expert by painting the trims earlier. Simply tape the edge of the trims and apply your chosen colour – You don’t have to be neat with the trims or worry about spillage on the walls. Simply concentrate on getting a smooth finish and leave the walls to the experts.

Cleaning brushes

To preserve a paint brush between painting jobs, rub the excess paint off and firmly seal the bristles with layers of clear wrap. Excess paint should be wiped off with a cloth, followed by a thorough rinse in lukewarm water and mild soap. Hot water can affect the bristles so stick to wiping the brush between rinses.


Whether it’s an entirely new interior look you’re going for or a statement wall, enjoy a fresh coat of colour and style in your home with the help of a painter. Request free quotes and connect with a painter here.