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Hiring a professional photographer saves time and money

Hiring a professional photographer saves time and when time equals money, the right expert connection can save you hours!

Whether it's capturing precious moments or adding corporate head shots to your website, photographs make an instant impact. A small investment with the right photographer for your upcoming event of celebration can provide a worthwhile return.

Quick tips:

  • Choose based on style: Every photographer has a certain style. To make sure your brand image and personal style align with the photographer you hire be sure to look at the profile and previous work.
  • Choose a location: Depending on the type of photographs, a studio may be required. If so, ask beforehand if there is an extra charge for indoor or outdoor shoots as well as sourcing expert advice on the most suitable location.
  • Format: Depending on your requirements, photographers can provide shoots in CD/DVD, print‐outs or in album formats. Ask if prints are included in a package to maximise the savings and convenience.
"Very happy with the end result which definitely increased our business. Service was impeccable, always on time, easy to deal with, and very polite. Photos were of excellent quality and will be using William Mallatt again." – Julie King

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The right expert connection can save you hours!

Professional photographers offer a range a services to capture lasting memories of events like birthdays and weddings as well as your baby, children or family.

Expert photographers also specialise in fashion photos and product photos increasing your professionalism and bringing creative flare to your photographs. Photographers have the expert knowledge to help you create and develop any design ideas you have.

Some of our photographers also provide services like videography and graphic design, taking your photographs and vision to a whole other level.

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