Meet the Flares

Everyday, thousands of Australians come to Oneflare to get jobs done, rip through to-do lists and finish long-term projects. The team at Oneflare strive everyday to facilitate those connections between the right jobs and the right experts.

Brett Kaplan
Chief Financial Officer

Ken Tabuki
Chief Operations Officer

Ken keeps our office motivated with inspirational quotes and fun facts from the ‘Ken-o-pedia’. He guides Oneflare’s key decisions with insight from data and ensures our operations are in sync. In his spare time, Ken enjoys running and swimming.

James Martin
VP of Engineering

James leads the Engineering Team at Oneflare. With a decade of experience in the IT industry, he spends his days in the office crafting every line of code with love. When he’s out of the office, you’ll find him tweeting or listening to disco music.

Anthony Barry
Head of Business Solutions

Anthony inspires and guides his team towards Oneflare's shared vision of becoming a market leader for local services. Outside of work hours, Anthony enjoys a glass of good wine and aims to see as much of the world as he can.

Priscilla Tan
Head of Customer Happiness

With a warm persona, Priscilla understands that your problem is our problem. She leads the Customer Happiness Team with experience and skill. In her free time, you’ll find her reading or taking photos of her delicious meals.

Peter Oh
Operations Manager

Peter first joined our team as an intern but is now the Operations Manager of WOMO. He works on our processes to ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience for our WOMO businesses and customers. Outside of work, Peter enjoys karaoke and camping with his mates.

Simon Le Grand
Product Manager

As the Product Manager, Simon works across departments to lead small, agile teams that are solely focused on designing, developing and delivering the right product features that our customers love. Simon spends his weekend surfing Sydney's beaches.

Naveed Siddiqui
Technical Team Lead

Richard Coulson
Lead UI Designer

Richard is the creative eye behind the Oneflare site and is always improving its aesthetic so the site looks and feels its best. Richard has worked in London and Sydney and aspires to see the world by train.

Nathan Scully
Senior Analytics Manager

Patrick Li
Software Engineer

Patrick is our web builder and our secret weapon to solving technical issues. Patrick has worked in multiple cities but he always makes time to visit his favourite snowboarding destinations: the slopes of New Zealand and Japan.

Charles Shao
Software Engineer

With a BA in Software Engineering, Charles writes the web codes that form a bridge of communication with our customers. Outside of work you’ll find him enjoying fast food and slaying dragons online.

Rohan Swami
Product Manager

Rohan analyses behaviour patterns and the needs of our customers and works to perfect the Oneflare experience with his data insight. Rohan is the office tea brewer and after work hours, he is working on a cabinet for his soccer trophies.

Lucy Huynh
Marketing Coordinator

The sweet and bubbly Lucy is responsible for Oneflare’s creative campaigns. With experience in global marketing, Lucy loves connecting people to our brand. Outside of work, she enjoys eating sushi and walking her two small dogs.

Charlotte Kong
Customer Happiness Advisor

Charlotte is one of our friendly Customer Happiness Advisors. As a current Law student, Charlotte does her best to understand, assist and resolve your situation. Away from the phones, Charlotte loves reading sci-fi and fantasy books by Matthew Reilly.

Amanda Kravets
Customer Happiness Advisor

Amanda is our big-hearted Customer Happiness Advisor. Having worked in Customer Service roles since high school, Amanda is dedicated to helping customers in any situation. Outside of work Amanda loves travelling around Italy and Greece.

Rodger Gu
Business Analyst

As part of the Biz Ops team, Rodger presents and interprets data to support the Oneflare team and enhance our service. Outside of work, Rodger plays competitive dodge ball, enjoys computer games and aspires to visit all seven continents.

Monica Harry
Business Solutions Consultant

As a frequent gym-goer, Monica is dedicated to creating healthy relationships with our businesses and helping them maximise their experience with Oneflare. When she’s not at the office, Monica loves to settle down with a good book and aspires to travel the world.

Jimmy Zhang
Technical Team Lead

With previous experience in a digital agency, he plays a big part in creating a seamless journey for our customers online. When the computer is off, Jimmy enjoys the occasional DIY project at home.

Mary Ng
Front End Engineer

Mary is responsible for bringing designs to colour and life on Oneflare and WOMO. She confidently uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery to maintain the visual interactions across both sites. In her spare time, Mary enjoys baking sweet treats for friends and family.

Matthew Lu
iOS Developer

Matt's days at the office are invested in building the Oneflare iPhone app. With a background in programming and UI, he aims to provide users with a seamless mobile experience. Outside of work, Matt enjoys PC games and hopes to travel the world with his family.

Nelson Bahramali
Android Developer

With a background in Java and Ruby on Rails, Nelson works on a combination of the site's front and backend. He focuses most of his energy on Oneflare's Android app, but outside of work, he enjoys exploring Sydney and spending time with his pet cat.

Linda Huynh
Brand & Communications Specialist