Meet the Flares

The Oneflare team live and breath exceptional customer service, cutting edge technology and, of course, local services. We strive day by day to make local services easier for both customers and businesses.

Garry Visontay

Chairman and Investor

Garry injects Oneflare with insights from his experience as an entrepreneur and has successfully started five businesses of his own in a variety of industries.

Garry is a General Partner of the Sydney Seed Fund, an early stage seed investment fund; cofounder and Chairman of RecruitLoop, a global online recruitment platform; Chairman of DesignCrowd, one of the largest online marketplaces for graphic design in the world; as well as cofounder and Director of award-winning corporate services company – The Fresh Venture Group.

Previously Garry has spent over a decade as a Regional IT executive with consumer products giant Procter and Gamble. Garry holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Computing from University of Technology, Sydney.

Favourite local service
Garry loves coming home to find it spotless and sparkling clean with the help of cleaners from Oneflare.

Marcus Lim

CEO and Founder

Marcus is constantly enhancing Oneflare's online strategy and product development. As an innovator, he is inspired to disrupt the current local services market and develop the best products and services to improve the way consumers hire local service providers in Australia.

A former military commander, Marcus also spent time working at Deloitte Consulting providing growth and technology advice for the government, telecommunications and financial services industries. Marcus holds a B.Comm and B.Ec (UNSW Co-op scholar) from the University of New South Wales.

Outside of work, Marcus enjoys getting his adrenaline pumping by cliff-jumping into Sydney's lovely waters. When he was kid he always aspired to be a professional tennis player.

Favourite local service
Marcus enjoys hiring plumbers because he hates it when his Mum calls him over just to make him crawl under the sink.

Adam Dong

CTO and Founder

Adam is the wizard at Oneflare and oversees all online development. He innovates Oneflare's technology, functionality, user interface and overall platform.

In his former life, Adam garnered 10 years experience in e-commerce developing corporate websites as the founder and Managing Director of web development company, WebQ.

A walking paradox, Adam loves water sports but hates swimming. He also enjoys hurtling down snowy hills on skis, narrowly avoiding trees and rocks.

Favourite local service
Adam is thinking of hiring a painter to make his walls Oneflare red.

James Martin

Lead Developer

A full-stack developer, James heads up the development team at Oneflare where he crafts every line of code with love.

James has over 8 years experience in the IT industry, is known to love Rails, disco music and communicates el electronistia via @jamsi.

Favourite local service
James is excited about hiring a handyman to touch up his new pad.

Ken Tabuki

Business Development Manager

Ken is the conductor of the Oneflare orchestra, making sure the operations of Oneflare is in sync and fine tuned.

In the past Ken has worked for Deloitte Consulting, providing strategic and operational advice for banks, logistics companies and government organisations. As a UNSW Co-op scholar he has worked across industries including FMCG, government and financial services. Ken holds a B.Comm and B.Ec from University of New South Wales.

A keen distance athlete, Ken is usually seen in shorts and runners in the office and is always trying to sneak in a training session when he can. Despite his athletic abilities he is usually at the bottom of the table in the Oneflare ping pong championship.

Favourite local service
Ken is contemplating the idea of making his backyard into a bike track with the help of Oneflare landscapers.

Kristian Tasevski

Mobile Developer

Kristian recognises that people can't live without their mobile phones so he developed Oneflare's iPhone App.

He indulges his futuristic passion as an online technologist, making apps for some of Australia's largest companies.

Muscle man Kristian regularly impresses the Oneflare team with his ability to lift heavy objects multiple times over. Kristian enhances his superpowers by eating sushi with loads of wasabi.

Favourite local service
Kristian likes to hire removalists to see if they can lift more than he can.

Anna Yamaji (née Gehrmann)

Marketing and Communications Manager

As the creative strategist, Anna nurtures the Oneflare brand through all channels of communication.

With experience working in media, advertising and magazine industries, she has helped develop campaigns for a variety of iconic Australian brands. Anna holds a B. Comm and B. Arts from the University of Sydney and is fluent in English, Japanese, French and Italian.

With a passion for travel, art, design and pop culture, Anna is usually planning her next overseas food safari.

Favourite local service
Anna loves entertaining friends with a little help from caterers.

Les Szekely

Advisor and Investor

Les acts as the compass of Oneflare, making sure we are heading in the right direction and always thinking about what is best for our customers.

Outside of Oneflare Les is the managing director of Grand Prix Capital and specialises in rapid growth, start-up, private and microcap listed businesses.

Les is an active business angel, mentor, and M&A consultant. Les is a specialist in rapid growth businesses and has invested in companies such as Siteminder, DriveMyCar, DesignCrowd and Rezdy. He is also an author/editor of 14 publications on tax planning and was previously a Director at Deloitte.

Favourite local service
Les is so busy with his various business interests that he is overjoyed at the ease with which he can get gardening help through Oneflare.

Dr Jeffrey Tobias

Advisor and Investor

Jeffrey gives Oneflare the spark and ideas to keep our service exciting and innovative.

He is the director of The Strategy Group that focuses on innovation and open strategy, collaboration and delivering business value to organisations in the private and public sectors. He has previously worked with Cisco, Kraft, PepsiCo, Amadeus, and the Australian Government.

Besides Oneflare, Jeffrey acts as director of GiveEasy, an innovative social fundraising venture enabling anyone, anytime, anywhere to donate money to charity and causes from their mobile devices.

Jeffrey holds a PhD in Computer Science, and is adjunct faculty at the Australian Graduate School of Management as well as the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Sydney.

Favourite local service
Jeffrey is looking into home renovations to see if he can build a home theatre.

Bekir Kilic

Advisor and Investor

Bekir provides Oneflare with invaluable advice, strategic leadership and support. Affectionately referred to as Pro Flare, Bekir is the current day version of Superman.

Aside from Oneflare, Bekir is the Founder and Managing Director of ProIT, a managed IT services provider for the finance and SMB sectors. He also serves as the Director of a construction company focused on high-quality commercial and residential buildings.

A man of versatility, Bekir once owned a highly reputable locksmith chain and is rumoured to have the keys to the city.

Favourite home service
Bekir enjoys seeing old homes brought into the 21st century by the very best builders.