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Shideem Pty Ltd
Shideem Pty Ltd

Mackay, QLD

My experience and knowledge over the past 38 years is ideal for helping you achieve your goals, whether it be home maintenance, redesi..

Weber Builders
Weber Builders

North Mackay, Mackay

Builder for 25 years. Build anything you require. From the smallest to the largest. Bathrooms to commercial building. No job to b..

Visual Constructions Mackay
Visual Constructions Mackay

Blacks Beach, Mackay

Visual Constructions Mackay can professionally manage and complete all of your building projects to a very high standard.Visual Your D..

A#1 Construction
A#1 Construction

Mackay, QLD

Small family owned and operated business that has been servicing Mackay for more than 10 years. We specialise in all types of earthmov..

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Hardline Tiling

Mackay, QLD

Local and experienced tradesman with an eye for detail. We pride ourselves on our work and complete the jobs in a timely manner with a..

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More tilers near you

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Rita Burton

Left for Mooloolah Wall & Floor Tiling

I received an email response from Mooloolah Wall & Floor Tiling with a follow up phone call the next day Chris & Deb then came out to quote the job on a Sunday morning where Chris came up with some great ideas to make the space look as though it had always been tiled.From start..

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Jenny O'gorman Hughes

Left for iTile Designs

I have had a couple of quotes by different tilers and Jared by far was the most reasonable. He has been punctual, honest and quick. Started today and has 3/4 of the job already done and it's looking great! Also a very easy going and nice person. I would highly recommend him.

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Cleveland, QLD

  • What type of job is this? Residential
  • What service do you need? Tiling replacement
  • What type of tiles do you need? I'm not sure
  • Will you supply the tiles? Yes
  • What is the size of the job? Less than 5 sqm
  • Is this tiling indoors or outdoors? Indoors
  • How many rooms require attention? Number of rooms: 1
  • What is your budget like for this service? I'm on a tight budget
  • When do you need this done? Any time that works
  • Description:

    We are a Stone Masonry Business, In need of getting 1 tile replaced in the kitchen after we removed existing bench tops. We have the tile we just need the cheapest price possible for the replacement of 1 Tile.

    Kind Regards,
    Modern Marble Design (QLD) Pty Ltd
    (07)3286 5778

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Spring Hill, QLD

  • What type of job is this? Residential
  • What service do you need? Tiling installation
  • What type of tiles do you need? Porcelain
  • Will you supply the tiles? Yes
  • What is the size of the job? 5 to 10 sqm
  • Is this tiling indoors or outdoors? Indoors
  • How many rooms require attention? Number of rooms: 1
  • What is your budget like for this service? I'm not sure
  • When do you need this done? Specific date 30/04/2017 I'm flexible
  • Description:

    Our investment property in Spring Hill is needing some tiling work in the shower of the bathroom. It is a concrete/block construction apartment on the second floor of a 5 storey apartment building. Originally built in 1984 and most fittings in our unit are still there from the original build.
    We recently had an ageing enamelled steel shower base rusting, tired old sliding shower screen and ageing tiles coming away from the walls in shower cubicle.
    We have removed the old shower screen and steel shower base plus also jack hammered away the old concrete bed in which the old steel shower base was moulded into. The flat concrete subfloor from the building construction remains and is all neat and tidy awaiting a new shower installation.
    All wall tiling and old villaboard in the shower cubicle has been removed. We have stripped all old glues and other rubbish so it is back to bare concrete.
    We therefore now need:
    - New villaboard applied to concrete/block walls.
    - Floor levelling compound to floor such that a nice flat, tiled floor can be done and matched/meeting up with the old/current floor tiles in the rest of the room. Obviously a gradient at the right angle towards the drain hole so water can effectively run off.
    - Waterproofing to villaboard and floor (please don't try and tell me that waterproofing membrane doesn't need to be applied to villaboard. That is what I want, so please do the right thing and quote on doing so).
    - Tiling and grout to the waterproofed villaboard and floor.
    - Supply and Installation of a nice new glass hinged shower screen which you will need to supply (sliding door with aluminium frame is a no-no).
    - Nice new silver drain outlet on floor. (you to supply).
    - New tapware and shower head needed (you to supply). Current plumbing is all in tact so no work needed there.
    - Re-grouting of a few other tiles elsewhere in the bathroom (we replaced these ourselves, but need to be grouted in white).
    Note that we have already purchased replacement tiles for the shower cubicle and they are ready and waiting at Beaumont Tiles Strathpine. Either you can pick them up or we can get them delivered to site. The new tiles will need to cover 5.7 square metres but we purchased 5 boxes of tiles which are 6.75 square metres in total so we are confident more than enough tiles will be available for the job. The new tiles are a simple matte grey in 300x300. The old tiles are an odd 220x220 size. The new tiles are to be the same for both wall and shower floor and I would say a dark grout colour similar to tile colour should be used.
    We also have some of the old tiles which remain undamaged (about 24 tiles). These tiles are already sitting waiting in the bathroom and will need to be re-applied in some adjoining areas such that there is a clear interface between the old tiles and the new. Please remember that we are not re-tiling the whole bathroom, just the shower cubicle plus some small adjoining areas which also broke away when we removed the shower tiles. Old tiles re-used in the old areas will need to be grouted white.
    I have plenty of pictures to share with you to accurately describe what it is we want done.
    You are also welcome to take the keys and check it out yourself if you wish.
    The property is untenanted so access any time is easy. We live out of town so cant really attend the site to walk you through it. We have a property/rental manager to attend site if you really need to. They are at Havig & Jackson realty in Clayfield (that is where you will need to collect the keys for apartment from).
    Working hours for noise-making are 8am to 6pm weekdays and we don't need to get approval from body corporate to make noise if you can perform the work between these times.
    There are a few other aspects of this project I would love for you to help solve if you can:
    A. The painted ceiling in the bathroom is peeling. It would be great if you also have the skills to pay the bills on repainting the ceiling. If so, please quote on this also. By the way, we may want the rest of the 1 bedroom apartment ceiling to be painted at a later date, so if you are good at ceiling painting that part of the project MAY happen in a few months time.
    B. All the old shower screen and tray and concrete and damaged tiles and mouldy villaboard and all the other junk I had to tear out is currently sitting in a pile in the allocated car park in the basement. It would be awesome if you could quote a price on taking that stuff to the tip. By my eyeball it looks like about 1 cubic metre of junk.
    C. If you have any contacts who are good at installing Air Conditioning we would like to hear it. We are thinking we might install AC in the coming months, but that is just a thought for now. Any recommendations are welcome.
    We would like the work done in the coming weeks. As the tiles are ready to go, even if you said you could start tomorrow we wouldn't object. If you say you cannot do it until mid May or later then I am probably going to say that is too long to wait.
    I strongly suggest you give me the opportunity to share pics of the project with you by email. Sharing your email address would be good so I can very specifically show you in the pics what we are wanting to do.
    To be honest we don't really know and hope that if we get three or four quotes that we we will start to see what the ballpark cost is going to level out at. We aren't the types to pick the most expensive quotes but we are realistic and know that we shouldn't be accepting the cheapest quotes either. The apartment is not the Hilton Hotel so we don't need world class, expensive work and fittings because it is an investment property after all, but we also have high standards so if you try and send your drunk apprentice in to do an elcheapo dodgy brothers quick job with poor standards we aren't going to accept that either.
    We can pay any way you wish, credit card, bank transfer, cash in hand etc but we will expect a GST invoice for tax purposes. I would expect a fair and reasonable payment term would be something like half upon awarding the business and half upon satisfactory completion or similar.
    Feel free to ask any questions and as above, would suggest sharing email address so I can email you specific pictures of what we want done.

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Beaudesert, QLD

  • What type of job is this? Residential
  • What service do you need? Tiling installation
  • What type of tiles do you need? Ceramic
  • Will you supply the tiles? Yes
  • What is the size of the job? 10 to 30 sqm
  • Is this tiling indoors or outdoors? Indoors
  • How many rooms require attention? Number of rooms: 2
  • What is your budget like for this service? I'm on a tight budget
  • When do you need this done? As soon as possible
  • Description:

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