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Types of tiling services

Floor tiles

Tiles are common on floors in bathrooms and kitchens, and they're often used in outdoor areas too. Tiles are easy to clean and non-absorbent, which makes them ideal for areas that will get wet regularly – through showers, rainfall or a spilt cup of coffee.

Wall tiles

Again, both bathrooms and kitchens often have tiles on the walls, although not always all over. Kitchens often have a focus area of tiles above the hob to catch splashes from cooking, while bathrooms may have tiles in shower areas or around the bath and sink.

Roof tiles

Tiling a roof requires a completely different skill set to floors and walls, with extra dangers also present. If you have a leak, a possum problem or there's been damage from a storm or falling branch, you may have to get your roof re-tiled to prevent further damage to your house.

How to choose the right tiler

Consider your needs

The type of professional you hire depends on whether you need tiles on your roof or inside your home. If you're looking for interior work, also consider if you need someone to help with design ideas or simply to put the tiles in. For roofing tiles, make sure your contractor has adequate insurance to not only cover themselves for injury, but also your property should their job fail to be up to standard.


There's nothing more infuriating than paying someone to tile your bathroom and resulting in a wonky job. Check contractor profiles on Oneflare, look through photos of their past work and read reviews from previous customers to make sure they know the value of a job done well.

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