4 ways to make your home dog friendly

4 ways to make your home dog friendly

Welcoming a furry friend into your home and heart is new and exciting but knowing exactly what environment is needed for a new pup is hard to pinpoint, especially for first time dog owners. With almost 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia, there’s no doubt we love our four legged friends and whether it’s your first dog or another four legged addition, here are four simple ways to make your home dog friendly.

1. Let him run free!
An outdoor space is essential to cater for energetic dogs. While it can depend on the breed – a German Shepherd will require more space to run free than a Dachshund – a back or front yard will be loved by all dogs. An outdoor space will also help with the potty training.


Before welcoming your family pet, connect with an expert gardener or landscaper to spruce your outdoor space or erect a fence to prevent small dogs from rummaging through your neighbour’s lawn. 

2. Harder the floor, the better:

The harder the floor of your home, the better it is for your dog. 

After a daily walk, your pet’s paws are going to accumulate germs and not to mention a buildup of grass and dirt from a visit to the park. Let them have their fun without harbouring the hair, bacteria and lovely smell of an afternoon walk. If you live with a carpeted floor, keep your family away from unwanted germs with the right carpet cleaner near you.


Better yet, convert to tiles or hardwood flooring to keep your floor scratch-free, and provide a cool place for your dog to nap on warmer days. If you’re seeking to convert your flooring, we’ll connect you to the right expert.

3. Protect your furniture:

You should also consider the types of couches and chairs you already have. A faux leather couch is your best bet because it won’t absorb odours and it’s easy to wipe clean from shedding of hair. Don’t forget that couch slip-overs are also an option as they are easily machine washable.


The best way to keep your furniture stink-free is to groom your dog from time to time. Find the best dog groomer to keep your pooch beautiful and smelling like roses or connect with an upholstery cleaner here.

4. Your lifestyle matters:

Your lifestyle will be a huge factor to consider when you find your first pet. If you love the outdoors and lead an adventurous life, dogs are perfect to complement your lifestyle. Most breeds need at least one walk a day, and they have emotional needs just as much as humans do.


Letting your dog run free can give your pet a sense liberation and fun, but your dog also needs to learn when to ‘heel’, when to ‘sit’ or how to interact with other dogs. The earlier you start, the easier it is to train your pup but if you need to teach an old dog new tricks, get some help from an expert dog trainer.


But if you perhaps immerse yourself in your work and lead the busy-bee life, you can hire someone to do the dog-walking for you.


The first few weeks will be hard – your dog may chew on your favourite pair of shoes, soil your sheets or shred all your toilet paper, but they will always provide you with love and loyalty. Make sure your home is right for your dog – and we’re here to help you on all steps of the way!