Why You Should Opt for Concrete Resurfacing

Why You Should Opt for Concrete Resurfacing

Sometimes, the appearance of concrete exteriors can be really tatty and grimy, and this can spoil your homes interiors and exteriors. Fortunately, you can breathe new life into soiled concrete surfaces without having to replace the concrete itself by having the surfaces resurfaced. The advantage of this is that it iscost-effectiveand can restore your concrete surface to its former glory in record time. Here are some of the advantages of concrete resurfacing.

What Does Concrete Resurfacing Entail?

Concrete resurfacing involves the application of a polymer or sparse cement overlay on a current concrete exterior. This is done to create that new look and to conceal the older soiled existing concrete surface.

The Advantages of Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is beneficial for a myriad of reasons. It is applicable to all types of concrete, including both exterior and interior concrete surfaces and has an extensive range of designs, textures and colours. Because of this variety, it is possible to create many different types of finishes and resurfacing designs from retro to rustic to the contemporary look. Some of these great looks include finishes such as stamped concrete, sandstone, granite and brick, as well as paved finishes. You could also mix various finishes with designs and create borders.

Saving money is also another advantage of opting for concrete resurfacing. You would spend less money here as you would not have to remove entire concrete structures and buy new concrete to replace the old slabs. It is amazing to know that you can now get the same effect of exquisite cosy bricks, sandstone and a gorgeously paved exterior for less money. Resurfacing is also great if you have intentions of selling and would like to improve the value of your home, as resurfaced concrete would exude that new crisp look and feel. You need not also redo the entire surface if only a fraction of the concrete is dilapidated. You could just resurface what is necessary, which saves you money too.

Part of the concrete resurfacing procedure includes sealing, so as to preserve the colours. Sealing also assists in protecting the top coat from wear and tear. One other great benefit is that you could use an anti-slip coating to prevent slipping when the exterior is wet. This is a wonderful safety feature.