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Video testimonial | Georgio from Gerain Group

Watch how Oneflare has helped Georgio find 80% of his customers.

The Gerain Group story… we started work in 2017 and we are a home renovation company specialising in bathrooms, kitchens and home modifications.  There are a lot of horror stories we hear of clients that cannot find a reliable builder and that is where we want to step in.
We intend to be very honest with our clients from the beginning to the end of the project as well as we are a very family orientated company. 

The challenges faced prior to joining Oneflare was that a lot of companies we engaged for marketing and sourcing out work were just after capital and quantity of members on their platform.  The good thing about Oneflare is that you get paired up with an Account manager.  The best thing about that is if any questions or any queries about where your business is heading that account manager will be able to help you with that. 

The benefit of using the Oneflare app is that you don’t need to be waiting for that one phone call to come through for you to find a job. For all our leads, I’ll say that 75 to 80% of our leads that we generate are from Oneflare.  You get a push notification when a new job pops up and you have the option to click quote and go and meet the client. I find that to be such a great way of expanding your business. 

The next best thing about using the Oneflare app is that you can target certain specific areas.  Now for us we like the service all of New South Wales, we are actually in the process of opening up a division in Queensland so hopefully, Oneflare can help us out there. I meet trades every day that are looking for new work and that are struggling to get that phone call and I always recommend Oneflare. Oneflare will and has helped my company and will help your company as well. 

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