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Video testimonial | Saurabh from Supportsoft Technologies

See how Oneflare has helped Supportsoft land big clients like NSW Health and Centrelink.

My name is Saurabh Bhatt and this is my business partner Sandeep Singh. At Supportsoft we provide all kinds of IT services, like server maintenance, software development, software applications, database applications. Today, we are dealing with clients like NSW Health, Centrelink, Medicare, clients dealing with universities all across and Science Labs. 

We both started the company back in 2014 initially under a different name, and then, later on, we moved to Supportsoft Technologies. As a business starting off with no background in marketing, it’s difficult, you just can’t do it. Either you pay a consultant a hefty fee every month to do it or you do it yourself and trust me I was not able to do it either way.

The most challenging part of any industry is getting genuine customers, we spent a lot of money on Facebook and on Google ads as well, the problem was we were not getting genuine leads, genuine enquiries or genuine customers.

We haven’t seen this problem with Oneflare. I have been using Oneflare every month, every day, in fact from 7 a.m. since I start getting leads, until the time I sleep at 11 p.m. Getting quality leads and the leads that I want. It’s not just small leads we are getting, in fact big, the kind of leads I’m talking about today is NSW Health, government leads and large clients, all have come from Oneflare. 

On Oneflare if take a lead and I’m not able to contact the customer contact of x,y, z reason, Oneflare simply refund my money.  Which is very vital for a business like ours, in the budding stage because we can’t afford to spend money on something which is not usable for us. Oneflare as a business has made sure that our money is not being wasted. We have auto quoting set up, which I really like. Being a premium customer, we enjoy this facility wherein, let’s say if we are sleeping and they’re customers out there who put the jobs up at 3 am in the night, we don’t lose out on those deals. 

There are heaps of clients looking for long term relationships and I’m talking from government and universities and large clients, who can be with you for 5 years contracts and 10-year contracts. I can admit being a client of Oneflare we have achieved it, so yes I think if you think that Oneflare is only going to provide small leads, that’s not true, I have obtained big numbers from them.

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