How a graphic designer reached the top with the right leads on Oneflare

How a graphic designer reached the top with the right leads on Oneflare

George started his graphic design business 30 years ago, and after being recommended Oneflare 3 years ago, he’s never turned back. Since he registered with Oneflare, he’s been hired over 300+ times and has over 100+ positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Finding quality customers on Oneflare has been a major part of how he got to where he is today. He attributes his success to the quality of Oneflare’s job leads and how regularly they come through, stating “Oneflare’s leads are reputable, they’re frequent and they’re of high quality.”

Having quality leads and responding to leads quickly puts his business in the best position to win work on Oneflare. George looks for names that he’s done work for before, and he likes that he can set the service area he prefers to work in.

Oneflare makes it easy for businesses to see and respond to leads, and George gives tips on features he thinks are important to winning work:

  • “Set your service type and area

By setting my service type and area, it means the leads I get are in the area I want to work and they are relevant to my experience and what I do. If you’re a graphic designer like me in Sydney, you don’t want to get plumbing jobs in Queensland.

  • Verified customers

Oneflare verifies customers’ contact details like their email addresses and mobile numbers, so I feel secure knowing that the lead comes from a reliable source. This makes it easier when I’m selecting what jobs to quote on because I can see if a customer is verified before I quote”.

  • Oneflare for Business App

I use the Oneflare app to get notified of new job leads right away. I quickly take a look at the lead and send my quote if I’m interested. I’ve found that sending quotes as soon as a job is posted puts me in the best position to winning it.”

George has seen all types of customers and all types of job requests, “I was once asked to design a fake divorce certificate, which I obviously declined,” he exclaims. To read more about George, his graphic design business and to read his customer reviews, simply go to his Oneflare profile.

For more information on how to recognise quality job leads, how to set your service type and area, and to read more about verified customers, go to the Win Work Guide, which has been written especially for businesses to learn how to use Oneflare to win more work, as well as to check out updates of new features.

Or, if you’re not on Oneflare yet and are a tradie or service provider interested in seeing how Oneflare can help you grow your business with new job leads, simply go to the business enquiry page now to leave your details and see what the demand for jobs is in your area of expertise and location area.