Interview with a Oneflare Customer Choice Awards 2017 winner

Oneflare Customer Choice Awards 2017 Category Winner 

Category: Commerce & Logistics

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Brian Wescott, B&M Efficiency Accounting

Brian Wescott of B&M Accounting is the Commerce & Logistics category winner in Oneflare’s Customer Choice Awards for 2017. Brian started his own accounting business 5 years ago after he was sick and tired of the politics of the corporate world. He wanted to be in charge of his own destiny and build a great business to his name.

With job requests ranging from helping customers lodge their outdated tax returns and getting the ATO’s late fee fines waived, to as strange as being asked to lodge a years-old amendment for an honest citizen who realised he’d had his taxable income too low, Brian has seen it all.

But after seeing how much success his lawyer son was having on Oneflare, Brian decided to give it ago in June 2017 and hasn’t looked back. The best part about being on Oneflare for Brian is not knowing what kind of customer or job is coming next, plus the satisfaction of helping the community by using his expert accounting skills to do their jobs.

Brian tells us how he got started on Oneflare, gives us a little background into what it’s like winning work through the platform, and explains how it feels to be this year’s winner in his business category.

How has Oneflare helped grow your business?

We have gained so many new customers through Oneflare.  Because of our focus on great customer service, virtually all of them have remained customers and many of them have referred family, friends and colleagues.

What advice would you give to other businesses starting on Oneflare?

Perseverance. You are not going to win all jobs, but provided your price estimates are reasonable and your profile looks good, you will win jobs.

You competed against thousands of businesses. How does it feel to win the Oneflare Customer Choice Award?

We are elated. We have tried really hard to provide great customer service at a reasonable price and the award is validation of those efforts.

What do you think was the key to your success in becoming a CCA winner?

When I started in this business, I talked to many people about what they didn’t like about their current accountant. The biggest complaints were lack of communication and lack of value for money. We have built our business around being good communicators and providing great service at a reasonable price. That’s all evident in our customer reviews.

What are your 3 tips to getting good customer reviews?

  1. Communication. Let your customer know what is happening with their job. Let them know if there are delays or problems.
  2. Honesty. If you quoted an amount for a job, don’t hit the customer with unexpected charges. If the job turns out to be more complicated, have a discussion with the customer about the extra work involved.
  3. Competence. It is important to have the appropriate qualifications and keep training up-to-date.

Brian is a Customer Choice Awards winner because his business has provided Oneflare customers with consistently good experiences and top-quality work completing their jobs. As a result, he has received positive reviews and 4 and 5-star ratings from his customers that are displayed on his Oneflare profile which you can see here. Brian plans on displaying his awards badge on his Oneflare profile, business website and social media pages.

You could be a future Customer Choice Awards winner too if you aim to get good reviews and high star ratings from your Oneflare customers. Here are guides on how to get good reviews and to win more work, or if you want to know more about our Customer Choice Awards and what you can win, read about it here.