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    Find a cheap Cairns concreter with top ratings and positive reviews. Compare quotes from the best concreters in Cairns near you. Whether you're looking to build a new concrete driveway for your home or would like to resurface the concrete surrounding your business, a professional concreter can help. The right concreter can guarantee that your job is completed on time, in line with your budget expectations, and to the quality standard that you expect. While you might think DIYing a small concreting project can save you money, don't forget to consider the benefits of working with a professional. Professional concreters have a wealth of skills, experience and resources to draw from to ensure a great result. They have the correct specialised tools and equipment to prepare surfaces and lay concrete down smoothly. No matter your concreting needs, there's an experienced and affordable Cairns concreter ready to help. From concrete resurfacing around your business to building a new driveway in front of your home, you can find the perfect business for your job using Oneflare. Below, you'll find all of Cairns' top-rated and most affordable concreting services based on real customer feedback. Find out more about each vendor and their service offerings by viewing their business profile. Once you're ready to enquire about prices, request estimates by clicking the "Get Quotes" button. Find a cheap Cairns concreter near you with Oneflare today.
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    Michael Brown

    Review left for Steven Francis Concreting Pty Ltd

    Faultless You will not find better anywhere. Very honest, quality minded and efficient

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    Excellent service, Great job. Very happy with the finished job. Would highly recommend them if you need any concrete jobs done.

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    Types of Cairns concreting services

    Concrete is a material that is used in a wide range of construction and renovation projects due to its reliability, durability and versatility. As Cairns continues to develop architecturally and the city strives towards a modern aesthetic, concreting services are higher in demand than ever. Below are a couple of the most popular concreting services used around Cairns:

    Concrete sealing

    Concrete sealing is a process that involves applying a sealant to concrete to protect it from staining, weathering and erosion. Sealing concrete can also enhance its appearance by bringing out the colour and creating a glossy finish.

    Sealed concrete is easier to clean and maintain than unsealed concrete as it is less likely to absorb dirt, dust and stains. Although a simple process, it is imperative that a concrete sealing job is done perfectly to ensure the longevity of the surface. The best way to ensure a flawless sealing job is to hire a professional with extensive experience with this service.

    Spray-on concrete

    Spray-on concrete is sprayed onto surfaces using high-pressure air. It's a type of concrete commonly used to repair damaged or cracked concrete, especially on walls or floors. It can also be applied to driveways, sidewalks, pool surrounds, and a range of other concrete surfaces.

    Concrete polishing

    Concrete polishing can create a high-end look for any concrete surface. Polished concrete is achieved by grinding the concrete with a polishing machine to reveal a smooth, shiny finish.

    Polished concrete is often used for indoor flooring in commercial and residential properties. It is a low-maintenance option that is also resistant to stains and slipping.

    If you're interested in concrete polishing for your home or business, visit our concrete polishing cost guide for more information.

    Concrete patios

    Concrete patios are a great way to extend your outdoor living space and create a place for entertaining. Patios can be designed to suit any size or shape backyard and can be poured in a range of colours and finishes.

    Stamped concrete is a popular type of finish for patios as it can mimic the look of more expensive materials such as pavers and stone. Concrete patios are installed by first excavating the area to create a level surface. The concrete is then poured and left to set. Once set, the patio can then be stamped, sealed and finished.

    Top Cairns concreting questions

    How much does a concreter in Cairns cost?

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    Known as one of Australia's major tourist destinations, Cairns is always striving to look its best, which involves a range of concrete installation and resurfacing projects. Many factors may influence the cost of hiring a professional concreting expert, notably the size and difficulty of the project.

    In Queensland, the average reported cost of a concreting service is $40 per square metre. However, this rate may vary depending on the type of concreting job. Spray-on concrete jobs usually average $45 to $75 per square metre, while exposed aggregate projects can cost up to $150 per square metre.

    Other than that, the cost may also depend on the type of concrete used, the thickness of the concrete required, and the length of time the project is expected to take.

    By checking out our concreting cost guide, you can learn about the factors that influence the cost of concreting services in Cairns.

    What kinds of tools and machinery do concreters in Cairns use?

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    To complete the wide range of concreting jobs, local trade professionals have access to many kinds of tools and machinery. What equipment will be used will depend on the scope and complexity of the project.

    The only tool a concreter may need is a trowel for small jobs such as concrete repairs. However, for bigger projects such as driveway installations, concreters will need to use power floats, concrete mixers, and other larger pieces of equipment.

    Due to the often unpredictable weather conditions in Cairns, it's important that professional concreters have access to a wide selection of tools and machinery to use for varying situations. For example, when laying concrete during the wet season, a concreter may need to use a pump to help lay the concrete evenly.

    How long does it take for freshly poured concrete to set?

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    Freshly poured concrete usually takes 24 hours to 3 days to set completely. However, this period can vary depending on the type of concrete used, the weather conditions, and how thick the concrete is. Warm weather usually means concrete can set faster, while wet and cold weather results in a prolonged setting time.

    Most professionals can use a chemical accelerator to speed up the setting time if you need to use the concrete surface sooner. However, it's important to note that using an accelerator may make the concrete more susceptible to cracks, so this needs to be accounted for when discussing it with your concreting expert.

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