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How much does Artificial Grass cost?

$50 - $75 per m2

    How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

     In Australia, the cost of artificial grass can range $10 to $49 or more per square metre depending on the state or city in which you live, the type of artificial grass, the size, shape and condition of your yard and the installation company you choose.


    Installation Costs

    Property owners can reasonably expect to pay somewhere between $50 to $75 a square metre to have synthetic grass installed. Low to mid-grade synthetic grass commonly costs between $50 to $75 per square metre to be purchased and installed if the process isn’t too complicated. Higher quality artificial grass and yards with more complex configurations and installation processes can cost between $75 and $100 for each square metre.

    Below is the average hourly installation cost based on quotes our Oneflare customers have received:

    State Average Cost
    NSW $85
    VIC $75
    WA $65
    SA $60
    QLD $70



    View of artificial grass and trees in a backyard from a white balcony

    Artificial grass in a backyard / Source: Kaines Home and Garden

    Artificial Grass Benefits & Disadvantages

    Installing artificial grass has both benefits and disadvantages. Many people find its advantages far outweigh its cons, and a growing number of them transform and beautify their yards using versatile artificial grass.


    • Some of the benefits of artificial grass include:
    • Stays lush and green year-round
    • Doesn’t need watering
    • Requires very little maintenance
    • Never needs mowing or weeding
    • Doesn’t need fertilizers
    • Pet and child-friendly
    • Durable, long-lasting, realistic looking, aesthetically pleasing and soft to the touch
    • Suitable for yards, sports fields, tennis courts and putting greens


    While synthetic grass offers a wide range of benefits, there are some disadvantages to installing it as well. They include:

    • Costs more to install than natural grass
    • Can be hot to the touch
    • Doesn’t cool the air temperature like natural grass
    • Requires special padding to feel comfortable against the feet and body
    • May prevent rainwater from seeping into the soil
    • Doesn’t produce fresh, clean oxygen like real grass
    • May have a negative environmental impact
    • Must be washed and swept to remain sanitary

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Artificial Grass

    There are a variety of factors that impact synthetic grass prices. Some of the most common ones include the type of grass you choose, the size of your new yard and your design choice.

    Type of Grass Used

    There are several types of artificial grass used by property owners in Australia. The amount the synthetic turf cost can range from as little as $10 to $49 or more for a square metre depending on its quality. Other factors include the materials from which it is made and where it was manufactured. Grass made in other parts of the world tends to cost lower than if it is has been produced in Europe or Australia. Artificial grass cost more when it is made in Australia because the grass tends to be made from the highest quality materials, is very durable and looks and feels great.

    Size of Project

     The size of the project the property owner is doing also has an impact on the price. If the project only calls for a few square metres, the artificial grass cost per metre can be in the $30 to $45 range. For large projects requiring dozens of square metres of grass, the artificial grass price per square metre is between $6.50 and $12.50 depending on the quality of the artificial turf.

    Complexity of Design

    The complexity of the design of the grass and the project for which it will be used also affect the per metre artificial grass price. Synthetic turf prices tend to rise to close to $50 if the fake grass is designed to look like a specific species of natural grass. Whether you choose grass with short blades, tall blades, thin blades or thick blades can also impact the per metre synthetic grass cost. Plus, whether your project calls for the popular landscaping turf, athletic field turf, pet turf or putting greens lawn can also cause Astroturf prices to be in the $30 to $50 range.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Artificial Grass

    The material from which the artificial grass is made can have a significant impact on the artificial grass price per square metre. Polypropylene is the most expensive, followed by nylon and finally polyethylene. 

    Nylon artificial grass is stain resistant and durable. It is commonly used for soccer, football and baseball fields and other types of sports fields. Polypropylene synthetic grass is used in residential lawns as well as dog-care facilities. For those looking for the top-of-the-line option, polyethylene artificial grass is for you. It’s stain-resistant, with an antimicrobial coating and a flow-through backing for proper drainage, odour elimination and keeping the grass clean. It’s often used in residential lawns and pet-care facilities.

    Type of Artificial Grass Average Artificial Grass Cost Per Square Metre
    Nylon $25 – $35
    Synthetic $6.50 – $50
    Astroturf $6.50 – $50
    Polypropylene $30 – $50
    Polyethene $10 – $20


    Artificial grass between a footpath and a red brick building

    Artificial grass outside a commercial property / Source: Sydney Metro Landscaping

    How to Hire an Artificial Grass Installer

     There are several things to consider when hiring an artificial grass installer to ensure you get quality work, and the synthetic turf installation cost is fair and affordable.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Research the fake grass installation cost for different types of jobs
    • Ask family and friends how much they paid for their artificial grass installation
    • Contact synthetic grass installation company associations and ask what’s a fair price

    Licensing and Qualifications

    • Make sure installer is properly licensed
    • Ask about their qualifications
    • Make sure they have adequate and diverse experience
    • Able to provide an on-site measure and accurate price quote
    • Must meet all necessary licencing requirements

    How to Save Money Hiring a Lawn Installer

    • Contact several companies for price quotes and compare
    • Contact artificial grass installation training centres
    • Use an experienced company offering specials on artificial grass installation


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Is Artificial Grass?

    The price of artificial grass can vary widely depending on a number of factors. It is possible to get artificial grass for as low as $6.50 a square metre. The quality of these types of grass may be questionable. High-quality, Australian-made artificial grass can cost $30 to $50 or more a square metre.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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