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How much does Carpet Cleaning cost?

$75 - $160

    How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

    The average cost of steam cleaning carpets in Australia ranges from $35 to $40 per hour.

    The exact cost depends on your house layout, square footage, the size of your carpet, the extent of staining, your carpet type, and location of the carpet. Cleaners also factor in moving furniture, the number of stairs or multi-room discounts offered. Steam cleaning carpets in standard three bedrooms cost between $75 to $150 or approximately $25 per room.

    Factors Affecting Carpet Cleaning Costs

    Square footage – The more carpeted area you clean, the more you pay, and both location and cleaning techniques employed are factored in when determining the end cost.

    The extent of staining – Heavily stained or soiled carpets are labour intensive hence costly to clean. Stubborn pet and other stains also need special tools/chemicals to eradicate, hiking costs.

    Type of carpet – Berber, nylon, and polyester carpets are super-easy to clean while cotton carpets are the toughest since they’re soft and have fragile fabrics, requiring extra care to avoid damages.

    Your home layout – Hard-to-reach areas or homes with several types of furniture pay more. The home layout is also used to determine the pricing criteria, e.g., being charged per room/floor or square footage.

    Carpet damages – Cleaners charge extra costs for cleaning carpets subject to burns, tears, or discolouration.

    The company you hire – Companies that are budget-friendly can sometimes compromise on quality. Highly reputed companies charge higher than the market prices, so aim for companies charging mid-prices.

    Location – Transporting carpet cleaning tools in high rise homes is time-consuming, resulting in high cleaning costs compared to ground-level homes.

    Before and after of a professional carpet clean.

    Before and after of a professional carpet clean. | Source: Adelaide Outstanding Carpet Cleaning

    Types of Carpet Cleaning

    Dry Cleaning: – Powder/cleaning compounds are applied under the carpet through a motorized counter-rotating brush machine opening up the carpet fibres, depositing the cleaning compounds to spring clean it.

    Steam carpet cleaning – High pressurized hot water is used to agitate carpet fibres to dissolve the dirt in your carpet. Cleaning agents are applied to the stained surfaces; carpet is agitated with a brush, rinsed, and left to dry in an air-conditioned temperature or room. The estimated cost for steam cleaning carpet in South Australia is $25 p/h while Victoria and Queensland residents pay around $35 p/h.

    Bonnet Cleaning – A heavy-duty motorized machine with pads immersed in cleaning solutions is employed to absorb dirt from the top surface of your carpet. It suits heavily trafficked public areas requiring moisture-free carpet cleaning, drying fast to convenience guests. However, it doesn’t deep clean carpets hence they stain fast.

    Encapsulation – Synthetic detergents, crystallizing into powder form when dry, are used eradicate dirt particles in the carpet fibre. Loose dirt particles encapsulate into powder after the cleaning foam dries, your carpet is brushed or vacuumed.

    Host carpet cleaning – Your carpet is vacuumed, a wet absorbent compound applied, and a special machine is employed to buff and agitate your carpet. It’s vacuumed again after the compound has absorbed the dirt.

    Does the Cost Vary Based on Location?

    The costs of carpet cleaning are more dependent on the size of your rooms, the type of carpet and whether stains removal is needed rather than the location of your home. Businesses have quoted Oneflare customers the following for steam cleaning: 

    State/Territory Average Reported Cost
    Australia Capital Territory $90 – $400
    New South Wales $100 – $200 
    Victoria $80 – $200

    Oneflare customers have received similar quotes for the dry cleaning of their carpets:

    State/Territory Average Reported Cost
    Western Australia $50 – $190
    New South Wales $90 – $140 
    Victoria $80 – $180

    How to Hire a Carpet Cleaner

    Cleaning techniques employed – Adopt your preferred cleaning technique using cleaning solutions friendly to humans, children, or pets.

    Insurance and licenses – Request for proof of license and insurance first before hiring a company. Insurance protects your property against damages while carpet cleaning is ongoing.

    Cost – Whether small, private, or large companies, evade companies charging too high or low prices. And determine if they conduct pre-visits to assess your carpets.

    Years of service – While you shouldn’t dismiss companies in operation for a short time, it’s essential to hire those with extensive carpet cleaning knowledge and expertise.

    Ask for references – Ask the company you intend to hire for at least three clients they’ve serviced in the past month. References from six to seven months may not be credible considering frequent changes in management.

    Tips on Saving Money on Carpet Cleaning

    Tip #1: Move your furniture

    Relocate your furniture to empty rooms or an enclosed porch before carpet cleaning kicks off to cut down costs.

    Tip #2: Vacuum often

    Vacuuming your carpet more often extends the time between regular carpet cleaning, meaning you’ll require cleaning services less often.

    Tip #3: Use No-Shoes Policy

    Ensure people don’t wear shoes in your house to increase the time between regular carpet cleaning. Shoes also press hard on carpet fibres causing them to wear out fast.

    Tip #4: Measure Your Rooms

    Some cleaners make measurement errors that shouldn’t be paid for. Instead, measure your room to know the exact amount to pay per square footage.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources



    How much does it cost to get your carpet steam cleaned?

    The cost to steam clean carpet varies between $25 and $45 per hour. The amount of carpet cleaned and the condition of your carpet could impact this estimated price.

    How often should carpet be cleaned?

    It is recommended that a carpet is cleaned every 10 to 16. months. Having a clean and well-maintained carpet can create a hygienic and odor-free home.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Megan's Carpet Clean Job

    Location PinAdelaide, SA
    Type of clean

    Steam cleaning

    Number of rooms

    2 unfurnished rooms

    Size of area

    15 - 50m²

    $100inc. gst

    Quoted by Adelaide Outstanding Carpet Cleaning

    Stephanie's Carpet Clean Job

    Location PinMelbourne Outer East, VIC
    Type of clean

    Steam cleaning

    Number of rooms

    6 unfurnished rooms

    Size of area

    51 - 81m²

    $230inc. gst

    Quoted by Express Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

    Wolter's Carpet Clean Job

    Location PinBondi, NSW
    Type of clean

    General and steam cleaning

    Stain removal

    Minor stains and 20x20cm stain

    Condition of carpet

    Good condition

    $100inc. gst

    Quoted by Hillman Restoration

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