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How much does it cost to Paint a Driveway?

$30 - $200 per square metre

    How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Driveway?

    Hiring a professional to paint a driveway in Australia costs an average of $65 per metre square but is dependent on multiple factors and may not include the concrete sealer price or the driveway resurfacing price. The price can increase if additional finishes are applied to the driveway. You can expect costs to range between $30 to $200 per metre square.


    Driveway Painting Costs Across Australia

    City Average Driveway Painting Costs
    Sydney $30 – $60 per square metre
    Melbourne $80 – $135 per square metre
    Brisbane $100 – $190 per square metre
    Perth $30 – $60 per square metre
    Adelaide $30 – $60 per square metre

    Factors Impacting Driveway Painting Costs

    Size of the Driveway – If you’re wondering how much does it cost to paint a concrete floor, it’s important to remember the size of the driveway. The area of the driveway that needs paint is the main cost of the driveway paint cost. The size of the driveway also determines how long the project will take, and if multiple professionals will be needed. The size of the driveway also influences how much paint or sealant needs to be used to cover the surface.

    Location of the Property – The driveway painting cost is also influenced by the location of the home where the driveway needs to be painted. It will determine how far the professional needs to drive to complete the work.

    Materials Used – The type of paint used on the driveway, as well as any additional finishes or sealants used, will also influence the overall cost. Driveway sealing prices also vary, depending on the size of the driveway and the number of layers of sealant that is applied. Those who want to know how much the cost to seal a driveway should obtain multiple quotes after determining the size of their driveway.

    Process of Painting a Driveway

    Prep and/or resurface – Begin by thoroughly sweeping the driveway to remove dirt and debris. Use concrete filler to patchy any holes or cracks. All oil stains should also be removed with a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate.

    Mask up edges – The garage door should be masked to protect it from paint water. The edges of the driveway also need to be protected by applying masking tape to areas that shouldn’t have contact with the paint. The tape can be removed once the paint completely dries.

    Painting the driveway – It’s now time to apply your paint directly onto your prepped driveway. Start buying carefully painting the edges with a paintbrush, followed by a paint roller for the rest of your driveway. 2 coats should be the way to go! The first coat will take over 16 hours to cure, this is when you can apply your second coat. After the final coat, wait at least 7 days before driving onto it.

    Tip: Driveway paint is very thick to sustain the weight of your cars, so adding in some mineral turpentine for the first coat of paint. For every litre of paint, it’s recommended to add in 100mls of turpentine.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Driveway Paints

    There are a variety of concrete paint prices to choose from before starting the project. Concrete paint prices vary, depending on the quality of the paint and how concentrated it is, which determines how much needs to be applied.

    Epoxy Resin Coating Paint – This type of paint costs an average of $17 per litre. It has a high-gloss finish and is odourless. Many people favour this type of paint due to its clear appearance.

    Textured Concrete Paint – Textured concrete paint has an anti-slip surface and is available in neutral colours to accommodate the colour scheme of the property. It costs an average of $14 per litre.

    Waterproofing Concrete Paint – Waterproofing concrete paint is highly concentrated and delivers a firm bond to protect the concrete surface. It dries quickly and can be walked on as early as two hours after it’s applied. Waterproofing concrete paint can start from about $20 per litre.

    How to Hire a Driveway Painter

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Determine the exact size of your driveway.
    • Consider if you want any finishes to be applied after the driveway is painted.
    • Research the type of material of your driveway in advance.


    Licencing and Qualifications

    • Request to see the professional’s license.
    • Confirm their license with the state.
    • Ask for at least three references and speak to former customers about their experience.
    • Request to see the work that they’ve performed.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Driveway Painter or Concreter

    Clean up the Driveway – If you’re looking to renovate your driveway, consider sweeping and fixing imperfections before the professional arrives. You can also prep the surrounding areas with mask tape.

    Do the Prep Work Yourself – Add colour before the concrete being poured by mixing the colour pigment, and even stencilling and stamping the concrete.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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