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How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost?

$35 - $60 per hour

    How Much Does Gutter Installation Cost?

    Guttering services in Australia charge around $35 per hour. The guttering price can increase to $60 per hour or more due to factors such as accessibility and height. While some contractors charge by the hour, others charge by the metre with an average rate of $30/m.

    The gutter installation price by the metre varies slightly from city to city and state to state. Hourly rates for gutter installers will also vary depending on where you live. Below is a cost list with the average hourly rates for different cities and states here in Australia:

    City Average Cost Per Hour
    Sydney $30
    Melbourne $30
    Brisbane $35
    Canberra $40
    Perth $35
    Darwin $35
    Hobart $25
    Adelaide $40


    State Average Cost Per Hour
    NSW $40
    VIC $40
    QLD $35
    ACT $35
    WA $35
    NT $30
    TAS $30
    SA $35

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Gutter Installation

    Many factors impact the cost of gutter installation. Knowing these factors listed below can provide you with a better understanding of the expenses involved:

    • Material of Gutter: Gutters are made from various materials such as aluminium, PVC, Zincalume, Colorbond, and stainless steel. Stainless steel gutters are the most expensive, whilst PVC gutters are the more affordable option.
    • Type of Gutter: Gutters are typically made to be sectional or seamless. You can expect to pay more for seamless gutters because they’re custom-made on-site with specialised equipment.
    • Style of Gutter: There are many styles of gutters, but the most common include Type D/E gutters, Fascia gutters, Half-Round gutters, Quad gutters, and European gutters. 
    • Size and Amount of Gutter Required: The most common gutter size in Australia is 125mm and 150mm. The number of lineal metres you need will determine your materials cost.
    • Brand New Gutters or Replacement: Depending on the condition of your gutters, it may be cheaper to replace sections that are damaged, rather than buying brand new gutters.
    • Location: Where you live can impact your gutter installation cost. Travel expenses are often included in the proposal if you live outside of gutter installer’s service area.
    • Accessibility: Accessibility to areas where gutters need to be installed is another factor as well as the number of storeys. It will cost more to install gutters for a two-storey house than a one storey home with easy access.

    Price Estimates for Different Gutter Materials

    The most common materials installed in Australia include Colorbond, aluminium, stainless steel, Vinyl (PVC) and copper. Once you understand the materials and the pros and cons of each type, the next step is to make a decision on which colours will best match the architecture of your home.

    • Colorbond Gutter Price: $30 to $40 per lineal metre 
    • Aluminium Gutters Cost: $25 to $65 per lineal metre
    • Stainless Steel Gutters Price: $75 to $150 per lineal metre
    • Vinyl (PVC) Gutters Cost: $25 to $40 per lineal metre
    • Zincalume Gutters Price: $45 to $65 per lineal metre
    • Copper Gutters Cost: $50 to $75 per lineal metre
    Silver tin roof and gutters next to a red brick building.

    Fresh gutter installation / Source: Franco Bros Roofing

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Gutters

    Since several different types of gutters are made with a variety of different materials? This example will focus on copper gutter components. Keep in mind; these prices do not include GST or the cost of installation.

    • Copper Quad Gutter Price: $225 per 125mm x 4 lineal metre
    • Copper Half Round Gutter Price: $450 per 200mm x 6 lineal metre
    • Copper Victorian Ogee Gutter Price: $300 per 125mm x 6 lineal metre

    Price Estimates for Different Styles of Gutters

    The type of gutter you chose will influence your gutter installation cost. Gutters are available in either sectional or seamless versions. Sectional gutters are the more affordable option, and they offer easier installation; however, some pieces may need to be cut to fit. Seamless gutters provide less maintenance and have fewer leaks. Still, they require professional installation because they are fabricated on-site to the desired length. The prices below are based on a one storey, standard-sized two-bedroom house.

    • Sectional Gutters Price: $500 to $1,500
    • Seamless Gutters Price: $1,000 to $5,000
    Dark grey tin roof with grey gutters on a constructed house.

    A brand new gutter installation on a house being constructed / Source: Abovely Roofing

    Brand New v Replacement Gutters

    The cost of new gutters will vary, depending on the type of material you chose. However, it can be less expensive than replacement gutters because they don’t require any labour to remove the old guttering system. Replacement gutters can be more cost-effective when replacing just the sections that are damaged or leaking. 

    Below are some average prices for new and replacement gutters:

    • Cost of New Gutters: $25 to $175 a lineal metre
    • Gutter Replacement Cost: $2000 for a small home

    How to Hire a Gutter Installer

    When hiring a gutter installer, it’s essential to make sure they have a licence, insurance, and a good reputation. To verify their insurance, it’s best to call their insurance company for verification; this eliminates any fudged documents. It would help if you also asked for a list of references and request photos of their previous work. 

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    It’s crucial to know the type of material that you want for your guttering system. Once a decision has been made on the material, it’s time to have several gutter installers come to your residence to measure and provide written estimates for materials and labour. When you have three or more estimates, you can compare prices and services to create an accurate appraisal.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Gutter Installer

    The best way to save money when hiring a gutter installer is to select the contractor who offers the best price on materials and labour. If you’re handy with home improvement projects? You can save money by installing sectional vinyl (PVC) gutters yourself. These types of gutters are DIY-friendly and can be purchased in most home improvement stores. Additionally, it’s possible to buy the materials yourself and only pay for the cost of gutter installation.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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