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How much does Hydronic Heating cost?

$30 - $115 per square metre

    How Much Does Hydronic Heating Cost?

    Hydronic heating is often called underfloor or slab heating. It involves running a system of tubes through the floor and then heating them. The average hydronic heating system costs about $60 per square metre in Australia. Hydronic underfloor heating can vary from $30 to $115 per square metre.


    Hydronic Heating Costs Across Australia

    The cost of installing a hydronic system depends on location. The installer must be a licensed plumber and electrician. If you choose a solar system, this can require additional licensing in some areas. Here are examples of average hourly rates in different parts of Australia for a heating specialist who can install hydronic heating:

    City Average Heating Installation Costs
    Sydney $25 per hour
    Melbourne $26 per hour
    Brisbane $27 per hour
    Canberra $28 per hour
    Perth $28 per hour
    Darwin $37 per hour
    Hobart $24 per hour
    Adelaide $27 per hour

    What is Hydronic Heating?

    Hydronic systems consist of a series of tubes that are filled with water. The water is heated using gas, electricity, or solar heat. The heat from the warm water is transferred throughout the rest of the room. The temperature rises, so the rest of the room is heated by the radiant heat from the tubes. The cost of the system depends on the size of the system and its heat load. Some systems are more efficient than others, and it pays to shop around.

    How Much Does Hydronic Heating Cost to Run?

    One factor that affects heated floor cost is the size of the system. A system for the typical bathroom will range between 500 to 1,200 watts or around 175 watts per metre square. Here are some standard operating costs for hydronic heating.

    Type Cost Per Unit
    Electric 0.26
    Gas 0.02
    Heat Pump 0.65
    Solar 0.00


    Note: Solar units typically have a gas or electric backup, but when these are not needed, and they cost nothing to operate.

    Factors Impacting the Cost of Hydronic Heating

    Several factors might influence how much hydronic floor heating cost or other types of hydronic heating will be in your home.

    Heating Boiler – The heart of the system is the boiler. Hydronic heating boilers prices vary depending on the size of the unit, brand, and type of heat source. There are many different types of boilers available, and they have different efficiency ratings. More efficient ones might be more expensive initially, but they can save big in the long run. They can cost anywhere from $1,900 to $3,300.

    Size of the System – The size of the system will also affect the cost. Many people choose to only install the heating under part of the floor. For instance, they might focus on the area in front of the shower, toilet, or by their bed. A partial system costs less than installing a unit in the entire room.

    Type of Installation – Hydronic heating price is also affected by the type of installation. An in-slab installation is typically sandwiched between two sections of the concrete slab. This typically runs about $70 per metre. An in-screed installation involves pouring a thin layer of concrete over the pipes. This type of installation typically runs about $100 per metre.

    During or After Renovation – The best time to install hydronic heating is during the renovation. If you decide to do it as an afterthought, then the flooring will have to be torn apart, and this will cost extra. In addition, if you decide to do it as an afterthought, you might have to make adjustments such as rehang doors or cabinets because of the height of the floor changes.

    How to Hire a Hydronic Heating Installer

    A big part of the hydronic underfloor heating cost is installation. Here are a few tips for hiring an underfloor heating installer.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    Creating an accurate estimate can be tricky for a hydronic heating system. There are often unforeseen circumstances that can affect underfloor heating cost. Knowing the answers to these questions before you call for an estimate will help your installer give you the most accurate estimate possible.

    • What is the square footage of the area where the heating will be installed?
    • How old are your plumbing and electrical systems?
    • Are the floors wood or concrete?
    • Are you renovating at the same time as the installation?
    • What type of heat source are you planning to use?

     Licencing and Qualifications

    To install hydronic heating, the professional must have a plumber’s licence, electrical licence, and/or gas fitting licence. Additional licences might be required in some areas. You should research the licences that are required before hiring a professional. Here are a few questions that you should ask before hiring a hydronic heating installation specialist.

    • How long have you been in business in the area?
    • Do you have the proper certifications and licences necessary for this type of system?
    • Do you have any references that I can verify?
    • Do you have the proper insurance to do the job?
    • How long will the job take?
    • How long will the areas be inaccessible during the installation?


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Are heat pumps used for heating only?

    Downward Chevron
    Heat pumps are capable of providing both heating and cooling for your home. During winter, the heat pump works by absorbing heat from the outside air and transferring it indoors to keep your home warm. However, during the summer, the heat pump can be reversed to absorb heat from inside your home and transfer it outside, effectively cooling your home. Popular heat pump brands include Siddons, Mitsubishi, Lennox, and Carrier.

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