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How much does a Naturopath cost?

$80 - $140

    How Much Does a Naturopath Cost?

    The average naturopath cost in Australia includes the price of the consultation only. Herbal medication purchased through your naturopath will usually be an additional fee. The cost of naturopathy treatment with an initial consultation can range from $80 to $230, which is typically 90 minutes long. The appointment includes a thorough evaluation and questionnaire of the patient’s medical history and current health condition. The standard cost of medications is $40 to $70 per week and $80 to $100 each week for those who suffer from more complicated health conditions or issues.


    Naturopath Costs Across Australia

    Ultimately, the cost of a naturopath will be influenced by what kind of treatment you are after. Below are estimated prices Oneflare customers have received for naturopath services in your city for digestive health to constant back pain.

    City Average Cost of a Naturopath
    Sydney $100 – $140
    Melbourne $90 – $200
    Brisbane $100 – $140
    Perth $80
    Adelaide $80 – $90

    What is a Naturopath?

    Naturopath physicians learn the basic sciences of conventional doctors, along with alternative medicine that is characterized as natural and holistic. Their therapies and treatments include herbal medicine and homeopathy. To become a naturopath, they must have first aid certification, hold a Bachelor of Health Science or a Degree in Herbal Medicine. Naturopaths also must register and renew with the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists (ARONAH) every 12 months.

    What Does a Naturopath Do?

    Naturopaths are qualified to perform various assessments on their patients, which includes ordering diagnostic tests like bloodwork and X-rays. They can provide diet therapy guidance and also develop treatment plans when working with patients with chronic health conditions. In some states, they’re also capable of performing minor surgeries.

    Naturopath clinic with shelves of herbs and medicines.

    Naturopath clinic with shelves of herbs and medicines. | Source: Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Naturopath

    Consultation – Patients must first pay for naturopathic consultation fees when visiting a naturopath for the first time. The appointment lasts an average of 90 minutes and ranges from $80 to $400.

    Tests – The tests ordered by a naturopath can contribute to how much you pay the naturopath cost per visit. Any assessments or evaluations they perform will also increase the price. A naturopath blood test cost is one of the most expensive tests performed, which can check for vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances.

    Medications – Herbal or prescription medications provided by the professional will also contribute to the naturopath fees over time. It’s important to discuss what they recommend before you agree to pay for the supplements or medications.

    Price Estimates for Different Naturopath Treatments

    Nutrition and Diet Advice – Follow-up appointments that include nutrition and diet advice cost an average of $100 to $200 per appointment. The length of each appointment determines the cost.

    Herbal Medicine and Tonic – When ordering herbal medicine or tonic, patients can expect to pay $30 and $50 for a month’s supply. The number of products ordered can influence how much patients spend each visit. A tailored tonic of 500mL can average around $130. Homeopathy – Patients who receive natural remedies for various conditions can expect to pay about $20 per remedy. This cost doesn’t include the price of the appointment.

    Hydrotherapy – Colon irrigation is ideal for patients who are looking to improve their digestion and perform a cleanse. The service is performed in the office and costs $55 to $95 per treatment.

    Physical Therapies – Visiting a naturopath for physical therapy is an average of $90 to improve mobility and strength. Some people may also need this form of treatment to recover from an injury.

    Counselling – Counselling services through naturopaths are typically around $25 and are ideal for individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression. Supplements may be recommended during the appointment to balance hormones or chemicals in the body.

    How to Hire a Naturopath

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Make a list of your symptoms and diagnosed health conditions.
    • Read online reviews from former patients.
    • Interview the naturopath.

    Licencing and Qualifications

    • Complete a qualification
    • Earn a first aid certificate.
    • Register with ARONAH.
    • Obtain a working with children check card.

    How to Save Money visiting a Naturopath

    • Visit a naturopath who is starting out in their career.
    • Order fewer medications and tests.
    • Ask about promotions and discounts.
    • Inquire about naturopath coverage through your insurance company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Naturopathy Covered under Medicare?

    Medicare does not cover the cost of naturopath services in Australia. Some private insurances may cover naturopath fees. The services are not included due to a lack of evidence proving their effectiveness and contrasts with beliefs in scientific medicine.


    Why Should You Visit a Naturopath?

    Individuals should consider visiting a naturopath when conventional medicine has not worked to treat specific illnesses or ailments. The treatment methods can offer relief for chronic conditions without as many side effects. It’s also ideal for those who want to work with a doctor that will treat their entire health instead of just the illness. The naturopathic doctor cost can also be significantly lower than visiting a doctor that practices conventional medicine for those who are paying out-of-pocket.


    How to Become a Naturopath?

    Becoming a naturopath is possible by getting a qualification with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, Advanced Diploma in Applied Science or Masters in Herbal Medicine. It’s also necessary to get your checks by arranging to work with children check and a first-aid certificate. Individuals will also need to register with the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Elaine's Naturopath Job

    Location PinOuter East Melbourne, VIC

    Auto immune aneima

    Services needed

    Consultation, treatment and dietary consultation

    Frequency of appointments

    To be arranged with naturopath

    $90inc. gst

    Quoted by Greendale Natural Therapies

    Lisa's Naturopath Job

    Location PinPerth, WA

    Family member suffering from boils

    Services needed

    Consultation and herbal treatment


    Reduce inflammation from boils

    $80inc. gst

    Quoted by Nurturer

    Melissa's Naturopath Job

    Location PinMelbourne CBD, VIC

    Digestive health and bacteria infection

    Services needed

    Consultation and treatment

    When service is needed?

    As soon as possible

    $140inc. gst

    Quoted by The Naturopathic Co.

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