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How much does Roof Painting cost?

$30 - $60 per hour

    How Much Does Roof Painting Cost?

    Painting your damaged and dull roof is a less expensive way to deal with an eyesore than to have it replaced. You can have an entire home makeover in a day with roof painting alone. Including labour and materials, roof repainting costs can range from $1,900 for a small house to $7,000 for a large one.

    The Australian sun is ruthless, draining the colour from everything the sun touches. Fading of colour is particularly true for roofs, as UV rays fade the colour of the roof faster than any other part of your home. Whether your roof has faded in part or faded all over, painting can turn a dull-looking home into an attractive one, increasing its saleability.

    Roof Painting Process

    You will probably need to allow 1 to 3 days for a paint job to be complete. The preparations, including priming and any minor repairs, may take a day. Painting itself may take a day or two, depending on the size and design of the roof; for example, painting terracotta tiles may take longer due to the ridges and the valleys. Spray painting a metal roof may be completed in four to six hours, with often three coats needed to achieve the right result.

    Factors Impacting Roof Paint Costs

    Factors Impacting Roof Paint Costs

    The cost of roof painting depends on by the amount of preparation, cleaning and repairs needed, the type of coating required for the roof, the price of the chosen paint product, the size of the roof, and the style, slope and accessibility of the roof.

    Roof Paint

    Homeowners should keep in mind that there are many types of coverings, and the best one will be the one that works for your roof type.

    • Bituminous coating: Bituminous coatings are a popular product to waterproof a roof. The coat is a naturally sticky substance that can is used under concrete or asphalt tiles. These coatings are made from bitumen, polyurethane or polyurea can form a waterproof membrane over certain roof substances. These are good for flat roofs that may hold standing water. If your roof contains asbestos, it’s essential to contact an asbestos specialist for an inspection. The coating can also be an option if asbestos encapsulation is recommended.
    • Silicone paint: Silicone or acrylic paints are considered the most environmentally sound, but they are also more expensive. If choosing this one, know that in the future, you can only repaint your roof with silicone. If you ever want to repaint with something else, the silicone must be removed completely.
    • Nanotechnology paint: A paint with nanotechnology is made to repel dirt. Often used for cars, nano-coating goes a step beyond most roof paints, with a rubber-like film and water-repellent structure making it easier to clean.

    Once you know which paint formulas are possibilities for your roof type, make sure you choose from at least a medium to high-quality paint. Your choice of the quality of the paint will ensure better coverage and longer-lasting colour.

    Size of your house

    The amount of paint and the length of labour will go up with the size of the house. Multi-storey roofs add to the cost as well due to the higher risk involved for painters.

    Condition of your roof

    If you have to spend as much time patching as you do painting, you may start thinking about a new roof. Replacing your tiles can be expensive, especially if you opt for a terracotta tile or concrete tile. Fortunately, your roof may be worth restoring with these tiles due to their lifetime longevity.

    Type of roof 

    Generally a concrete, terracotta or similar tile roof is the most expensive. Asphalt and asbestos tiles can be renewed with a coat of paint. Respraying Colorbond and other metal roofs can give a home a whole new look.


    Other structures or trees can block access to your home, which can affect how much time is spent preparing or how long it will take to paint the roof. Other accessibility factors include the height and slope of your roof.

    Weather conditions

    Extreme heat is not suitable for painting. You want to schedule this activity when it won’t be affected by too much sun or rain. On a related subject, your home may need a heat-resistant paint that can withstand UV rays better. It’s helpful to know that polyurethane, polymeric or related coatings can cure rapidly even in the cold.

    The slope of the roof

    The slope of your roof can affect which paint you use and how expensive it is to paint the area. Specific coatings are made to cling rather than to roll down. Furthermore, a steep roof may require a painter to hire a hoist.

    Roof design

    An elaborate layout, such as a multi-layered roof, may cost more due to its sophistication.


    You will want to factor into any bid that your roof may require high-pressure cleaning. There may be minor roof repairs as well, which would be another expense. In some cases, broken tiles may have to be replaced, adding another cost to your final bill.

    Roofing membrane

    Polymeric and bituminous coatings are necessary to repel water. You may want to consider them to ensure that water stays out of your home.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Roof Painting

    You may be contemplating whether you can save on labour costs by painting your roof yourself. You will need to consider the expenses of the spraying equipment and the cost of repairs. However, it is generally cheaper and safer to have a professional do this sophisticated paint job. Roofs can be damaged by amateurs who put their weight on delicate tiles.

    Paints and primers

    There are different paints for different types of surfaces. A typical roof exterior high-quality paint costs $250 for 10 litres. While nanotechnology might cost about $200 for 20 litres, a heat reflective roof coating will cost another $150 for the same amount of paint. A cheaper alternative, if it is right for your roof, is an exterior acrylic emulsion coating which costs about $200 for 20 litres. A surface filler will cost $150.

    Roof Respray Cost

    If your roof needs respraying, it’s a good idea to have a roof specialist inspect your roof to give you the most accurate quote. Often, respraying a roof will cost more than painting a brand new roof. The labour costs for a roof respray are generally from $35 to $60 per hour.

    Colorbond Roofs

    Colorbond roofs are a popular choice in Australia due to the simple design, durability and cost. It is much lighter than a tile roof and more resilient compared to concrete roof tiles. Just like any roof, Colorbond roofs fade overtime. If you’re considering a repaint, Colorbond roof painting costs vary throughout the country due to labour costs. Other things to consider include:

    • If you’re touching up with Colorbond paint, the new paint may look different compared to the faded areas of your roof
    • Hire a painter with experience in Colorbond repainting.

    Popular paint brands in Australia 

    There are many popular brands, including Dulux, NuTech Tileflex, Global Coat, Shield Coat, and Resene. Before you spend extra for a premium product:

    • Do your research about each paint brand’s qualities
    • Find a happy medium between price and long-term promises
    • Learn about warranties
    • Ask for recommendations from a professional roof painter
    Freshly built and painted roof on a new duplex.

    Freshly built and painted roof on a new duplex. | Source: Hurricane Metal Roofing

    Does the Cost Differ Based on Location?

    Your accessibility to certain paints may be limited if you live away from populated areas. Ordering special paint may be more expensive than choosing something in stock. On the other hand, busy population centres tend to have the highest labour costs. Therefore, the roof painting Sydney cost may be much higher than in a small town. Average labour costs in Australia are:

    City Average Labour Costs
    Sydney $45 per hour
    Queensland $35 per hour

    Here are quotes Oneflare customers have received for a combination of repairs and repainting their roofs:

    State/Territory Average Reported Cost
    Queensland $1,500 – $2,500
    New South Wales $1,850
    Victoria $2,500

    Tips on How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    Tip #1 – Get multiple quotes: Different quotes should give you an idea of how many litres of paint will be needed and what labour will cost.

    Tip #2: Be sure to ask about roof cleaning and repair. Not all painters will include this in the quote.

    Tip #3: Find out which paints are recommended and compare their value.

    Tip #4: As you calculate the cost of roof painting, you may want to invest in a higher quality product to get better long-term results.

    How to Hire a Roof Painter

    Not every painter can paint a roof effectively. You want to check their certifications. For instance, there is a CPC30611 Certificate III in Painting and Decoration that would indicate roof painting know-how. When talking with a contractor:

    • Make sure to find out how much experience they have with your specific roof type
    • Ask to see before and after pictures of previous work, preferably with the same complexity as your roof and your roofing style
    • Ask for references from prior clients
    • Get information on labour warranties and paint warranties
    • If you have asbestos tiles, only a certified asbestos contractor is allowed to deal with it. They can encapsulate it, but it is just as likely that it will require removal.

    Tips on How to Save Money When Hiring a Roof Painter

    Tip #1: It helps to take these steps in order before you engage a roof painter. First, you want to know if it is worth painting your roof type. Will it stick? Will it look good? Is it cost-effective versus a new roof? If so, then you’ll need an onsite inspection or roof inspection. 

    Tip #2: You can get multiple quotes for an inspection. An onsite inspector can tell you if your roof is structurally sound and worth painting.

    Tip #3: Next compare bids and talk to contractors about which paints they recommend and why.

    Tip #4: To make the most of your dollar, choose higher quality paint. The results will last longer. If you can afford one that is heat reflective or has a special coating to prevent fading, this will improve your investment.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Karen's Roof Painting Job

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
    Job type

    Roof painting

    New roof?


    Area of roof

    3 bedrooms and 1 garage

    $2500inc. gst

    Quoted by All Coats Painters

    Jaye's Roof Painting Job

    Location PinNorth West Perth, WA

    Resell home

    Roof type

    Terracotta tiles

    Respray colour

    Charcoal grey

    $500inc. gst

    Quoted by Jb Painting

    Zhong's Roof Painting Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Roof type


    Type of building

    Single storey home

    Approximate size of roof

    100m² - 200m²

    $2500inc. gst

    Quoted by Bulletroofing

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