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How Much Does Shower Installation Cost?

$1,500 - $6,500

    How Much Does Shower Installation Cost?

    If your shower is a bit worn out, and it is time for a replacement, you might be wondering whether replacement or repair is the best option. A bathroom renovation, including a new shower, can increase the value of your home and help you to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. The shower price for the unit is only part of the cost, which tends to average between $1,400 to $6,500.

    One of the most significant costs involved, is the shower installation cost. Plumbing is the most substantial part of the cost estimate. In Australia, the average for plumbers is $35 for someone with about ten years of experience. The following prices reflect the cost of living and its effect on the hourly rate that you can expect to pay for the plumbing portion of your job. It takes between 6 – 25 hours to complete a typical job.

    City Shower Installation Cost (per hour)
    Sydney $35 – $60
    Melbourne $35 – $60
    Brisbane $40 – $65
    Canberra $40 – $65
    Perth $40 – $65
    Darwin $30 – $50
    Hobart $30 – $55
    Adelaide $35 – $65

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Shower

    Several factors might affect shower cost estimates. Here are a few of them.

    Type of shower

    The type of shower that you choose has an impact on the cost of the shower. You can choose a standard stall that runs about $700 to $2,000, or you could choose a custom design that will run about $1,200 to $6,500.

    Size of shower

    The size of the shower will also affect the cost. The average shower stall is about 81 cm square and will begin at about $700. Of course, a larger shower will cost more.

    New build or retrofit

    Whether the shower is a new build of retrofit will affect the cost. A new build often costs more than a renovation because everything must be installed. With a retrofit, the plumbing and other hookups are typically already there. However, if the retrofit involves structural repair, the costs can quickly approach that of a new build.


    The cost to waterproof shower depends on the type of material chosen to surround the shower. The tile might not need much. For single-unit showers, you might need caulking, but surfaces such as wood or stone will require much more by way of sealing.


    The type of fixtures that you choose, including the showerhead, shower screen, doors, taps, drains, and other necessities will affect the cost of the shower. This can be found at a local home improvement store for under $100 for the cheapest, or you can go with a high-end set that can go upwards of $1,000 for all of them. It depends on what you prefer and your budget.


    Tiling begins at about $25 per square metre and can increase to over $35 per square metre.


    Glass shower with a black frame and black fixtures

    Shower with a black frame / Source: Lifestyle Extensions & Renovations

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Showers

    Today, you have a wide selection in the types of showers that are available. Let’s explore some of them and how they affect the cost.

    Twin shower

    Twin showers are an excellent choice for those who have people of different heights to accommodate. You can also direct them towards different parts of the body at the same time. On the low end, they cost about $300 to $500. In all of the following options, there are vast differences in price. All of them depend on the brand chosen and the number of settings. All of these different types of showers range in price from around $300 to upwards of $2500.

    Ceiling-mounted shower

    A ceiling mounted shower is a square mount that is similar to a rain shower.

    Overhead shower

    An overhead shower can be mounted in the wall or the ceiling. It is like a standard showerhead and has many different settings.

    Rail shower

    This type of shower head is mounted on a bar, and the head can be slid along the bar to adjust the height.

    Hand shower

    A hand-held shower can be mounted in a holder or removed from the holder and held in hand. It has a long hose to accommodate this flexibility. This is an excellent option for those who need to shower in a seated position.

    Walk-In Shower

    A walk-in shower has a low door that swings open and closed. It is often part of a walk-in tub.

    Bath & Shower

    A bath and shower combo is the most common option. It has a bathtub with a shower mount on the wall.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Shower Heads

    Showerhead price depends on the type of showerhead, the brand, number of settings, and how it is mounted. Here are a few examples.


    Fixed shower heads are permanently mounted on the wall. They are classified according to the type of water stream that they project. You can choose from rain, waterfall, pulsating, or massaging.


    Hand-held shower heads are popular for those with limited mobility, and everyone else who wants the convenience. They are versatile and can be used like a fixed shower head, or they can be taken off the wall to reach your entire body.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Shower Screens

    A shower screen price is highly dependent on the type of shower screen that you choose.


    A framed shower screen can be custom designed to fit any space. This type of shower uses glass panels in a frame that is usually metal. They cost around $250 to $400.

    Acrylic shower panels are an excellent solution for temporary fixes to leaking showers. They are easy to install and are offered in various sizes and colours, making them perfect for remodelling a shower. 

    When installing the acrylic panels, it is important to use the correct adhesives. Mr Wet Wall and Bunnings both have a range of products specifically designed for attaching acrylic panels that will ensure the longevity of the panels and provide superior waterproofing. The installation instructions should be followed carefully when attaching the adhesive. You’ll need to consider the added materials for the total cost.


    Frameless shower screens do not have a frame and use small brackets to attach the glass directly to the wall for a modern look. Frameless shower screen price tends to cost between $900 to $1,300.


    Semi-frameless have a minimal frame and are often between the price of framed and frameless. This option can be used to creates French openings and a custom look.  A semi-frameless shower screen cost is about $500 to $800.


    bathroom with a large glass frameless shower

    Example of a frameless shower screen / Source: Mint Construct

    Cost to Regrout, Reseal or Retile a Shower

    Renovating the old shower might be much less than a new shower cost. It might be worth it to see if one can be saved.

    Cost to regrout

    The cost to regrout shower stalls is often an affordable option and can transform the look of the shower. It generally costs around $25 per square metre.

    Cost to reseal

    The cost of resealing a shower is relatively low, and this can be an excellent alternative to the expense of a new one. It generally costs around $180 to $300 for a professional.

    Cost to retile

    Putting in new tile can be a great way to give the shower a modern look. Tiling generally runs between $20 to $60 per square metre.

    Cost to Renovate or Repair a Shower

    Shower renovation cost can be an excellent way to go. Fixing a shower generally costs around $150 to $500 for most repairs, unless significant plumbing work is needed.

    Cost to renovate a shower

    The cost to retile shower and renovate it can be much less than installing a new one, and you can choose to give the shower a new look, too. There are many different choices when it comes to repairing the old shower.

    Cost to repair a shower

    The average shower leak repair cost is around $100 to $160. Many professionals can do such a good job that you will not even know there was a problem.

    Cost to Replace a Shower

    Shower replacement cost depends on many different factors. The type of shower that you choose and the type of doors drive the price. It can cost anywhere from $450 to over $6,000 to replace a shower.

    Shower door replacement cost

    A shower door price is a major factor in the cost of shower replacement. They can range from around $500 to over $3,000 for a high-end frameless one.

    Shower screen replacement cost

    Shower screen replacement depends on the type of installation that you choose. You can choose a relatively cheap one for around $450, but if you want something a bit more stylish, you can expect to pay thousands.

    Shower glass replacement cost

    Shower glass replacement cost can be as much as a new shower door. The type and size of the glass that you choose affect the price. It can be as little as a few hundred dollars, or it can run thousands.

    Shower base replacement cost

    Shower base replacement cost is typically cheap. They are usually sold as a single unit. They generally cost between $150 and $400 for most

    Shower floor replacement cost

    Replacing your shower floor is typically a small job. If you are using tile, it can generally be done for under $200.

    Shower Door Installation Costs

    Shower door installation costs vary significantly according to the type of door. Installation can take between 4 and 8 hours for the door alone if there is no framing involved. Considering general labour costs, this can range between $130 and $700 for a regular job.

    How to Hire a Shower Installer

    There are several things to consider when hiring a shower installer. Finding a professional that you trust is the most critical part of the job.

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Know the size of the shower that you want to install.
    • Know your budget and shop around ahead of time.
    • Get competitive estimates.

    Licencing and Qualifications

    • All plumbers and electricians must be licensed.
    • Check credentials and references.
    • Make sure that you understand what is included in the estimate.
    • Get everything in writing.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Shower Installer

    • Consider doing any removal of tiles yourself.
    • Purchase your own fixtures.
    • Shop online and compare.


    How much does it cost to hire a portable shower?

    Portable shower prices differ according to where you are located. It generally costs between $50 and $190 per day in most cases.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Karen's Shower Job

    Location PinSunshine Coast, QLD
    Type of job

    Shower repair

    Area of concern

    Shower head

    Problems experienced

    No water pressure and shower head leaks constantly

    $85inc. gst

    Quoted by W & La King

    Tamara's Shower Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Type of job

    Shower replacement and repair

    Item to be replaced

    Wall mounted handshower unit

    Other problems

    Leaking shower mixer

    $500inc. gst

    Quoted by S.A.T Tiling

    Adam's Shower Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Type of job

    Shower replacement and repair

    Area of concern

    Shower taps

    Other notes

    Old shower with taps glued on

    $150inc. gst

    Quoted by Plum It Water N Gas Services

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