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How Much Does a Tennis Court Cost?

$40,000 - $110,000

    How Much Does a Tennis Court Cost?

    A tennis court is a massive project to undertake. Many factors will determine the final price tag, like the type of surface, whether or not lighting is installed, and the geographical location. The average cost can vary from $40,000 to $110,000.

    Tennis Court Building Costs around Australia

    Where you live in Australia may have a bearing on the price to build a tennis court. Homes that are priced on the high-end may have a more significant price tag in any type of construction work. The engineering and material cost also have an immense bearing on the work that is required. If the ground needs prep work due to rocks or tree roots, the price tag is going to increase.

    Here is a comparison cost of concrete to give you an idea of the difference in price materials per area:

    City Average Cost (m2)
    Sydney $80
    Melbourne $60
    Brisbane $60
    Canberra $70
    Perth $60
    Adelaide $70

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Tennis Court

    Many factors come into play when figuring a tennis court price.

    Space and Orientation

    Tennis courts need a lot of room. Measurements for a standard-sized tennis court are 24 metres long by 11 metres wide. However, leaving room for a fence, a walkway and other factors can increase these measurements to a minimum of 30 metres long by 15 metres wide.

    The orientation has to do with the directional effects of the sunlight. Experts recommend a north/south orientation as opposed to an east/west direction to keep sunlight glare to a minimum.

    Site Preparation

    Preparing your site is one of the most extensive parts of building a tennis court. Without the proper roll off for drainage or the removal of rocks and tree stumps, your efforts could return to need additional repair in the future. This is part of the tennis court installation cost and can be done by an excavating company or a specialized landscape company.


    Fencing, lighting and walkways are all considered amenities in figuring the cost to build tennis court at home. The average cost for installing lights around a tennis court runs from $5,000 to $10,000. This is assuming that the usual 6 lights are installed at the height of 18 feet each.

    Many times fencing is included in the tennis court cost. This can run as high as $20,000, depending on the quality of the fence. This is something that needs to be determined ahead of time in the tennis court installation cost.

    Accessories are small items, like the net, padded seats or other things that are as necessary as you see fit.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Tennis Courts

    Different materials are used in building the platform of a tennis court. These vary in price. Four different types of surfaces are commonly used, and each has its pros and cons.

    Benefits of the Different Types of Tennis Courts


    Grass courts are the fastest and cheapest type of cover to install. However, the maintenance makes up for the initial money paid. Mowing, watering and reseeding is continuously needed, and it has an impact on how the balls bounce. Artificial clay tennis court cost is also inexpensive in the beginning. They are made of brick, stone or shale that has been compacted. Maintenance is also needed. This initial installation is around $40,000.

    Hard Surface (Asphalt/Concrete)

    Asphalt or concrete courts are considered a hard surface. A concrete tennis court cost can start at $55,000 to install. An asphalt tennis court cost also runs around $60,000 to $75,000 but is more low maintenance. The life expectancy is 20 years, and they require little maintenance until resurfacing is needed. Synthetic surfaces can be placed over hard surfaces and require a moderate amount of maintenance. Made of fabric or artificial turf, they are suitable for slower games.


    AstroTurf tennis court cost and synthetic grass tennis court cost are usually compatible. However, depending on the quality, history and amount of future maintenance needed, there may be a reason to check with a professional synthetic turf specialist for an opinion.


    The cost to build indoor tennis court areas is difficult to determine. The type of surrounding walls and ceiling type have a lot to do with the pricing.

    Regardless of the type of material used in building your tennis court, the structure itself will improve your property value significantly.

    Price Estimates for Resurfacing and Repairing a Tennis Court

    The types of repairs that your tennis court requires can have a considerable bearing on the cost. A tennis court resurfacing cost is around $12,000 for asphalt, but $25,000 for clay. If there are deeper issues, such as bulging of the ground due to improper preparation, the cost could run as high as a new court. The cost to resurface tennis court surfaces may seem high, but when you have enjoyed 20 years of little to no maintenance, it is not that expensive.

    Price Estimates for Removing a Tennis Court

    If your tennis court is no longer needed, the tennis court demolition cost can be expensive. The removal may seem simple enough, but the hauling to a landfill can cause the price to skyrocket to $15,000. Check with area demolition companies concerning costs. The cost to remove tennis court, poles and lights, may not be worth the money spent in comparison to resurfacing.

    How to Hire a Tennis Court Builder

    A tennis court builder is a specialized category of landscaping. They recruit the help of many specialists before providing a bid.

    • Architects
    • Contractors
    • Excavators

    There may be as many as six different firms working together to solicit your project. As such, always ask for licensing and qualifications from each one.

    Tennis court construction prices can vary from the specialties of each person or company. If you have a relationship with another company and wish to use them, it may save you some money on the job. For instance, you may know of an excavator that will charge a flat fee for work. Work with the builders. They will probably be willing to work with any excavator as long as they are legitimate.


    How long should I be able to hold a tennis court builder to their bid?

    Because the cost of materials and the weather conditions can change with the seasons, 30 days is an adequate amount of time to make a firm quote.

    What if I change my mind about the type of base I want to use on my tennis court.

    This could be a costly change. If the material has already been ordered or if particular labourers have been hired, you will probably be responsible for wanting something different. This should be placed in writing at the time of the bid.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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