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How Much Does Vinyl Flooring Cost?

$25 - $50 per m2

    How Much Does Vinyl Flooring Cost?

    Do you want to replace your hardwood flooring at home with vinyl? The average cost of vinyl flooring plus installation ranges from $25 to $50 per m2. This can increase depending on several factors, including your location.

    City Standard vinyl flooring cost per m2
    Sydney $20 – $40
    Melbourne $30 – $50
    Brisbane $30 – $45
    Canberra $30 – $50
    Perth $40 – $55
    Adelaide $30 – $40

    What Is Vinyl Flooring?

    a vinyl tile collection

    There are different types of vinyl flooring. For example, vinyl can be made into a long sheet with very few seams (if any) in a room. As for vinyl tiles and planks, they are much easier to install. However, they have crevices where the pieces meet, resulting in a shorter floor life. That said, vinyl plank flooring prices can be pretty low.

    Generally, vinyl flooring has layers that are merged to make one solid piece. These consist of the following:

    • A protective topcoat
    • A protective second coat
    • Cushioning
    • Fibreglass to keep the piece straight
    • A base

    Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring has various benefits, making it one of the most popular options today.


    Vinyl is less expensive than real wood planks or MFD flooring. It also has a high warranty, some even lifelong.


    You can purchase vinyl flooring with different patterns or colours in almost any style, including stone, brick, and wood.


    Vinyl is more durable than its cousin, linoleum. It is more resistant to scratches and not prone to break off at the corners. While not immune to damage, it has become known for its residential durability today.

    Ease of Maintenance

    Because vinyl has two protective coats on top of the style, it does not need to be waxed. It only needs mopping with water or mild detergents.

    Water resistance

    Vinyl is a winner in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Because of its water resistance, spots can be touched up easily without harming the underside.

    What Else Affects the Cost of Vinyl Flooring?

    The cost of purchasing and installing vinyl flooring is not generic. There are different vinyl flooring installers to decide on and architectural hurdles and subfloor issues to address.


    There are different grades of vinyl, depending on how much soundproofing and durability you are hoping for. Commercial-grade vinyl is sturdier but not necessary for residential use.

    Installation Type

    Like other types of flooring, how vinyl sheet flooring is installed significantly impacts the price. Sheet vinyl has to have perfect subflooring and be free from rips. You can expect to pay more per m2 than for a floating floor.

    Project Size

    The number of square metres covered will cause a price adjustment. More square metres means more time and money. There might also be some problems with the size of a room.

    Job Complexity

    Not every floor removal job begins and ends smoothly. For example, The floor might appear good for laying vinyl planks over. This could lower the cost to install vinyl plank flooring. However, as you begin the work, you might find a soft spot in the subfloor that has to be removed and investigated.


    Labour is usually determined at the time the first vinyl sheet is purchased. If outside installers come in, the rules and pricing must be agreed upon before the work begins.


    Floating vinyl planks will need some underlay to keep them planks from merging too closely. The amount of density, the material used, and how many square metres are required are all factors that must be considered beforehand. The cost to install vinyl wood flooring can increase depending on whether there is underlay.

    Vinyl Flooring Prices Based on Type

    vinyl flooring installation

    With each style and quality of vinyl flooring comes a difference in installation and price.


    The typical vinyl plank flooring cost is $50 to $100 per square metre. However, more tools are needed, and a moisture barrier is necessary to prevent mould and mildew.


    Many homeowners feel that vinyl floor tiles are super easy to install until the water breaks the barrier. They are durable but can never be appropriately sealed, as the edges are not firmly touching. Vinyl tiles cost $50 to $65, depending on the quality.


    Vinyl sheets are a safe and reliable source of vinyl floor covering. Because there are no seams, they stay water-resistant. They have two layers over the print to protect from scratches. The only drawback is that once a rip occurs, there is no repairing it without pulling the whole piece up. Vinyl flooring sheets are affordable at $20 and $50 per m2, but the installation cost could be higher.


    Luxury vinyl is more detailed and prominent than regular vinyl flooring. The wood and stone look prevails, and the cushioning is often thicker and soundproof. Luxury vinyl flooring costs will be high because of the quality of the material and installation. Luxury vinyl tile is the best you can buy. It is made for high-traffic areas but is more expensive.

    The price of vinyl flooring might include other fees. Breaking down vinyl flooring installation costs can help you decide on the product.

    Tips for Hiring a Vinyl Flooring Installer

    1. Verify their licenses or qualifications.
    2. Request a copy of their liability insurance.
    3. Ask for a written and signed quote.
    4. Ask for references and pictures of work completed.

    Reducing Your Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost

    You might be sceptical about hiring local vinyl floor installers instead of doing the work yourself. However, there are ways to keep costs down and achieve professional results.

    Ask if you can aid in removing any subfloor or carpeting

    Find out if the installer can recommend a reliable vinyl flooring supply shop they have worked for. Using your own materials could reduce the cost to install vinyl flooring.


    How long do vinyl floors last?

    The right vinyl floor installer will have experience in all types of vinyl and be able to answer this question quickly. On average, vinyl floors can last for 8 to 25 years.

    How much does vinyl floor replacement cost?

    A professional can give an accurate estimate of $80 to $120 per square metre. Note that prices will be based on the type of vinyl floor.

    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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