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How much does a wedding car cost to hire

$500 - $1000 per wedding

    How much does a wedding car cost?

    The average wedding car hire cost for couples on their wedding day is about $500 to $1000. Exact wedding car hire prices vary depending on where in Australia the wedding takes place and how many cars are needed. Additionally, factors such as the car’s make, model, size, seating capacity, and amenities will affect the cost. Classic wedding car hire prices can be as much as $1,500 for 3 or 4 hours. Hummer hire prices can be much higher than that. Here is an average wedding car hire price list for different states in Australia.


    State Average cost for personal accounting
    NSW $500 – $1,200
    VIC $400 – $1,000
    WA $500 – $800
    SA $500 – $900
    QLD $400 – $1100
    NT $400 – $1000
    TAS $300 – $700

    Benefits of hiring a wedding car

    A reliable form of transportation on your special day 

    Hiring a stylish, comfortable, meticulously maintained, wedding car for your special day is a great way to ensure they have memorable, reliable transportation.


    Great backdrop for photos 

    A gorgeous classic car or a stunning, brand new limo can create the perfect backdrop for wedding photos of the bride and groom.


    Bridge and groom posing for their wedding photos with a classic convertible car behind them

    Bride and groom with a wedding car as their photo backdrop / Source: Ace American Convertibles

    Factors impacting the cost of hiring a wedding car

    The type of car

    The type of car a couple chooses for use on their wedding day makes a big difference in their wedding car hire cost. For example, the price to hire Rolls Royce sedans and Bentley sedans start from $700 for 3 hours. However, hiring a Classic limousine can be as high as $800 for a minimum of 3 hours.


    How many cars you need 

    Couples in Australia usually spend $800 to $1200 for wedding cars and transportation on average. That covers two to three vehicles. Each additional car can cost about $500. So the more cars that Australian couples hire for their wedding party can make their transportation costs increase exponentially. About 45% of couples hire one wedding car while about 35% hire two or more, depending on the number of people they need to transport.


    How long you need the car/s for 

    The length of time you need your wedding cars to transport people from the wedding ceremony and to the reception will impact wedding car hire prices. The cost to hire one wedding car averages between $400 and $800 for 3-hour blocks of time. So the price can double if the vehicles are needed for more than 3 hours. 



    The location of the city in Australia where couples get married has a significant impact on the cost of their wedding car. It can range from as low as $400 for 3 hours in areas in Tasmania to $1,200 or more to cities in New South Wales. The wedding limo hire Sydney price is higher than anywhere else in Australia. Wedding car hire is particularly expensive in Sydney if couples want a Bentley, Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead or a luxury Mercedes stretch limousine.

    Price estimates for different types of wedding cars

    Another factor impacting the price of wedding cars in Australia is the make and model of wedding vehicles. Some examples of the different prices include:


    Vintage and classic cars: average around $500 to $900 for 3 hours

    Limousines: average around $500 to $900 for 3 hours

    Hummer: From $450 an hour to $1,800 for 8 hours

    Modern bridal wedding cars: average around $300 to $700 for 3 hours

    How to hire a wedding car

    How to create an accurate estimate

    • Decide how much you want to spend
    • Decide on the make and type wedding car you want
    • Research local wedding car hire companies
    • Find one with the right licensing, qualified drivers and types of cars
    • Contact them and make reservations at least six months in advance


    How to save money hiring a wedding car

    •  Find out which local companies have good cars at affordable prices
    •  Look for the ones offering the best package deals
    •  Ask about ways to get reduced classic wedding car hire prices




    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    What does a wedding car package include?

    Downward Chevron
    Many wedding car packages include a car model of your choice, professional chauffeurs, and a red carpet service. Most cars will come with a great sound system, interior decorations including fresh flowers and white ribbons, and refreshments if possible in the vehicle. Additionally, the driver will ensure efficient, on-time pick-up and drop off. Many wedding car companies provide custom-tailored services created to match specific wedding details and create an unforgettable experience.

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