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Types of demolition services

Earthworks and excavation

Earthworks and excavation are engineering works that process parts of the earth's surface involving soil or unformed rock.

Site demolition

A site demolition service is needed when you want to get rid of a building completely - whether the reason is to build a brand new property in its place or to reuse the space in a different way.

Partial demolition

Partial demolition is a selective demolition process - it requires the business to work around operating businesses, condensed working areas and usually involves commercial buildings, including office buildings, shopping centres, hotels etc.

How to hire the right demolition business


Since a demolition can be considered an intense job with many risks, it's important to hire a business with a formal qualification in operating the machinery.


With a high risk job like this, having the relevant insurance is also vital to making sure all parties are protected when it comes to completing the job.


When figuring out which business to hire for your demolition job, reputation can be an important factor to look into. Hiring a business that you know does a good job can guarantee they get the job done effectively, efficiently and safely.

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