Oneflare Survey – 37% mums are spending a whopping 8-16 hours on housework per week 

Let’s face it. Mums rule, they’re experts at juggling kids, work, life admin, friendships, relationships, keeping fit, cooking and cleaning. It’s a pretty exhaustive list and we at Oneflare believe Mum’s literally deserve a medal or even better an extra pair of helping hands.

To recognise mothers’ hard work in the house, Oneflare has put together a survey to put a number on the amount of hours mums’ spend on doing housework on a weekly basis, and that shall shine some lights on the best mother’s day gift.

Thanks to all the responses we received from the survey. Here’s what we found:

  • 37% mums are spending a whopping 8-16 hours on housework per week 
  • 35% mums admit to putting off cleaning the oven 
  • 17% mums do not enjoy cleaning windows 
  • 52% mums said yes to outsourcing cleaning jobs 



From bathroom cleaning, dusting, to ironing clothes, mum’s the eye for detail, along with a need to nurture their family through a cosy and loving home environment. A mum wears many hats, all to ensure her family live happily in a safe, clean and tidy environment.

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When you come back home, have you noticed the shoes are nicely placed and aligned with each other in the cabinet; the leather ones are even shined? There are also fresh lilies in the vase. It was just some withering rose this morning.

You walk into the living room. Your pet runs happily towards you, and surprisingly, there’s not a single hair on the sofa. The carpet is as clean as a whistle.


Now you turn your eyes to the kitchen: something smells nice, but you can’t quite figure out what it is, so you decide to walk in.  It as spic and span clean as always. The stove is on, with a pot sitting on it cooking a beef stew. The pleasant aroma fills the room and you wonder could life be any more perfect?

The fairies must have done all their hard work. Or maybe, it’s not the fairies? The mother walks in, but instead of giving her a warm hug or asking her how her day was, you wonder when that beef stew will be ready. (Bang! There goes the perfect picture…)


We all have our ups and downs in life, and might not always recognise the efforts our loved ones have put in to make our lives so much better, especially mothers’. As the saying goes a mother’s work is never done, and we shouldn’t take them for granted.

We’re also looking to include stories that illustrate A Mother’s Busy Day.  For mothers that are interested in telling us their stories and helping Oneflare to give more recognition to mum’s hard work, please email us:

Here are the responses we received from Power Mums.

Yvette Adams and Katrina Lees

“I’m Yvette Adams and this is my business partner Katrina Lees. We’re both single mothers  (her child is 4, mine are 11 & 14) who work full time. We have been running our own digital marketing agency for the past 10 years, all whilst raising children and going through separations.

For Katrina and I, being a mother is pretty much being a full-time problem solver. As any mother would agree raising kids isn’t easy, for example simple tasks like getting up and getting dressed in the morning take at least 10 rounds of problem solving before even 8:30am in the morning. A typical morning will consist of ironing shirts, preparing school lunches, feeding children their breakfast, finding my kids lost running shoes, deciding what to do with my child’s hair, making sure I’m hydrated, all whilst rushing out the house to complete the school run before my work day even begins.”

Mel Armstrong-Jones

Think of one of those most exhausting days, what made you feel distressed and what would have helped?
“It would have helped to speak to my older friends who have had kids and whose kids are all grown up and It would have helped to hear honest first hand accounts of baby rearing, toddler rearing, school politics, mummy and family dynamics or challenges.”

How do you feel?
“Looking after my families well being and prioritising our time to help and support each other as a team, to learn and help the community, is more important than being stressed about everything being done to perfection.”

“We as a family lead our own life and our own calm and race to achieve goals. We are finding out what our values and priorities are as a family and with the friends we choose. My values are clear to me about what is important in my life and then I share those with my children. Their values in the future, as they are learning who they are, may be different but at least they know myself and my husbands values in life.”


“I have 3 children. My husband and I both have full time (corporate) jobs and we own two businesses. Whilst we have managers in place for both the businesses, we still need to check up and manage the operations.”

“Structure and military precision are the two terms that come to mind when I think of the daily routines to manage a family of 3 children, a full time job and two businesses. Every day starts with me being the first one up – nothing gets done on time if I’m not the first one up in the morning.”

“Best days are the ones where I don’t have to rush home to make the 3pm pickup so I’m forever grateful to the other mums who help out. Every day is a slight variation and the most exhausting is when someone is sick or when I have to travel (I do fly interstate and overseas for work from time to time), because that throws out the routine.”