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    How to install a toilet: Cistern & toilet installation

    Types of toilets, installation process, and toilet installation costs

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    There are many reasons for installing a toilet; it might be cracked, damaged, or coming close to biting the dust. In this article, we will be covering everything about toilet installation; types of toilets, installation process, and toilet installation costs and whether it is better to fix the toilet or install a new one.

    Types of toilets

    Every bathroom designer has the same dream: a splendid, space-efficient toilet that will match the bathroom perfectly. However, tastes differ and different bathrooms require various types of toilets. There is a wide range of toilet types available for homeowners to choose from.

    Wall-mounted toilet

    A wall-mounted toilet’s main feature is not coming into contact with the floor, hence, the area will be much easier to clean and be free of leaks. This wall-mounted style is excellent at hiding the toilet plumbing parts and give it a sleek look. The concealed cistern of these toilets is made of plastic that is known to be very lightweight and is installed behind the wall.

    Repairs or maintenance on a wall-mounted toilet will be more laborious and more expensive than other styles. However, from the middle of the range, this type of toilet offers a degree of quality such that their reliability is a guarantee of serenity.

    Source: Origin Bathrooms

    Although not known, the height of a suspended toilet bowl is adjustable during the cistern installation process by means of simple hooks. This height, usually 40 cm above the ground, can be lowered to 30 cm for toilets used by children.

    Most manufacturers offer complete, ready-to-install packages, including bowl and tank, recessing liners, easy-to-assemble plumbing fittings, and accessories. It is first necessary to compare the general characteristics of the equipment: dimensions of the bowl, the design of the trigger plate, the size of the tank, the noise level of the filling and etc.

    Standard toilets

    These toilets are floor-mounted, and the most common style of toilet. There are 2 types of standard toilets; one-piece commode that is made as a single unit (flush tank and bowl) and a two-piece commode in which the bowl and the tank are separate. Floor-mounted toilets are bolted to the floor; therefore, it is important to make sure that bolts, screws and seals are tightened properly during the installation. Faulty seals or loose bolts will result in a water leak in the long-term.

    Source: Shutterstock

    How to install a toilet

    Tools and materials needed for toilet installation:

    • Wax ring
    • Closet bolts
    • Screwdriver
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Stainless steel washers

    In practice, the replacement of the toilet seat includes several stages, among which getting rid of the old sanitary ware goes to the top positions. After closing the main water valve, flush the toilet a few times so that no water remains. At this point, the ring nut that connects the toilet to the flushing tube must be unscrewed. The latter allows you to completely detach the tube with slight movements back and forth until it comes out completely.

    Now the toilet is completely isolated from the plumbing so that you can unscrew the screws placed on the two sides near the base that act as anchorage to the floor. If the base of the toilet has been fixed to the floor with cement or silicon, a chisel and hammer might be needed to detach it.

    • Scrape away the grimy old wax ring after removing the old toilet
    • Check the flange for any damages, it might need to be repaired or replaced

    Useful tip: Of fundamental importance, however, is the size of the toilet which, although having a standard size, must be positioned in place of the existing one, making sure no additional toilet plumbing or tiling work needs to be performed. This will reduce the overall toilet installation cost.

    Source: iRenovate NSW

    After further checking the compatibility of the new toilet and making sure that it comes into contact with sewage pipes, you can install the new toilet.

    • Move the toilet over the flange and align it with the holes for the bolts
    • Once it is perfectly aligned, push down on the toilet against the floor
    • Don’t forget the use of washers on the bolts and tighten them firmly

    For a waterproof toilet after the installation, it is important to apply a silicone-based sealant in order to fill the natural gap between the floor and base of the toilet. It can be either done before placing the new toilet, or afterwards using a special tool.

    The toilet may already be used, but it is advisable to wait for the sealant to dry and then use it. After drying, with a razor, you can remove the excess silicone thus making the toilet aesthetic and freeing the floor from the glue.

    New toilet vs. fixing the old one – which one to choose?

    Your toilet might have been giving you problems and you quickly came to the conclusion that you need a new one. While there is nothing wrong with getting a new toilet, why not consider to fix it? Here is how you can determine whether you need a new toilet or to fix the current one.

    Get a new toilet if it constantly requires repairs

    You repaired it 3 times already, how many more will be needed? If your toilet has already been repaired numerous times and isn’t likely to be problem-free, you should definitely consider getting a new toilet. Some repairs cost a lot of money and time, and homeowners are better off with a new toilet. Weigh the costs and go with the most sensible option.

    Cracked Porcelain

    You may have noticed a crack on your toilet but ignored it because it is not any bigger than a hair strand. These cracks develop over time and may end up in unexpected flooding. There is not much you can do against cracks and buying a new toilet will save you from future emergencies.

    You have an old toilet that is not economical

    Old toilets aren’t the best when it comes to saving water and money. It is possible to save considerable amounts with modern low flush toilets.

    Cost of installing a new toilet

    There is not a set price on toilet installation as it varies depending on the type of the toilet, its installation method, etc. If you want a proper installation you should hire a professional plumber service.

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