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Top kitchen renovators near you

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Types of kitchen renovation services

Cosmetic changes

If you're happy with the layout and the appliances but you still want to make changes, updating the look of your kitchen can do wonders. New cupboard doors, a new counter and a change of taps can make you feel like you've got a brand new room.

Major upheaval

Sometimes there's more than just appearances to think about. Upgrading major appliances like the oven is a large task, and installing something new such as a grey water system for your garden can require heavy lifting and technical expertise.

Total redesign

Move the sink, put the oven on the opposite wall and put a new island bench in. Kitchens have changed from a hidden-away work room to the focus of entertainment for many homes, and to make these changes you need to include not only the best workmen, but also the best designers.

How to choose the right kitchen renovators

Expertise levels

The level of kitchen renovations you want done will affect the contractors and businesses you speak to. Someone who focuses on cabinets will likely be cheaper than a leading designer, but each have different specialities.


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