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Types of landscaping services

Water features

Whether you want to install a fish pond, improve the look of your yard with a fountain or create a stream running through your garden, landscapers can install water features that help you relax and make your home unique.


One of the most common transformational ideas is to take out part of the lawn and add in decking or a patio area. This increases the space to entertain guests and also cuts down on regular maintenance tasks.

Retaining walls

If you have a tiered garden, having a sturdy retaining wall is vital. Without these, the earth can easily crumble, trees can fall and storms can cause tremendous damage.

How to choose the right landscaper


Because of the amount of work you're hiring a landscaper to do, it's important that they're fully insured. If a retaining wall falls or your water feature springs a leak, it can be expensive to repair the damage. Ask for details of insurance or look for a Home Care Guarantee badge on their profile page.

Previous experience

Landscape jobs can vary greatly in scope and size, so it's important to bring in a contractor with experience of jobs similar to yours. Oneflare lets businesses add photos to their profiles, showing you before and after images that lend credence to the list of services they offer.

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