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Types of lawn mowing services

One-off mow

Even with the best of intentions, life can often throw up obstacles and our chores can get left behind. To get you back on schedule, hire a lawn mowing service to come in and take up your slack with a one-off mow.

Regular mowing

Keeping up appearances can be a time consuming job, so hiring a lawn mower to come in every week or fortnight to trim back your grass can help to keep your garden in good nick.

The full works

As well as just mowing your grass, some services also include a spate of extras such as edging, fertilising, re-seeding and weed removal. These can be done as often as you get your lawn cut or on a less frequent basis.

How to choose the right lawn mowing service


If you know what you want, it's a lot easier to hire the right lawn mowing professional. However, if you're not sure what kind of service is the best fit, you may be better off going for someone who offers all the bells and whistles, making use of the different services as and when you need them.


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