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Types of solar panels


These types of solar panels are constructed from a high quality silicon, giving them some of the highest performance rates in the industry. Usually on the more expensive side, they make wise use of space and offer a high power yield per square foot.


These solar panels are also made from silicon, however the high temperature ratings are slightly lower than monocrystalline panels. Efficiency is lower, however the technology allows for a cost-effective panel.

Thin film

The advantages of thin film solar panels is that they are lightweight, and are generally immune to problems from shading or obstructions and low light conditions usually don't hinder their performance. They are more affordable than other types, but their lifespan may not be as long.

How to hire the right solar panel expert


It is worthwhile checking if the business you are intending to hire provides solar power systems with performance and product warranty.


Installing solar power systems into your home can be highly technical, therefore hiring a business with relevant qualifications is a must. It indicates they have undergone appropriate education and training to ensure they deliver a high quality service.


Hiring a solar panel business that possesses the relevant insurance is important. This ensures that if there are any mishaps or things don't go to plan, the business is protected.

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