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Types of web design services

User experience designer

These web designers are concerned with the overall experience of the intended user. They require in depth knowledge in web design and they will conduct a series of tests on prototypes on different devices.

Mobile designer

These designers develop your site solely on mobile platforms.

Flash developer

Flash developers usually create dynamic content online which can be for the purposes of advertising, marketing, games or other applications that involve flash.

How to hire the right web designer

Past work

With a profession that is so visual, it’s important to check examples of a business’ past work to assess the quality.

Technical ability

While visually checking that the web designer has the skills to fulfil the needs of your job, it also requires a considerable amount of technical expertise. A way for a business to show they have technical ability is if they have any qualifications or education in the area you’re looking for.


Checking reviews on a web designer’s Oneflare profile can give you a sense of how satisfied past customers are. You will also be able to gain a sense of how easy this web designer is to work with, and if they met deadlines or and other requirements.

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