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Types of windscreen repairs


There are a number of different cracks and damages that only require a repair of the windscreen, and these include: a bullseye crack, half moon, edge crack, stress crack, a chip or floater cracks. These damages are best dealt with as soon as possible, so further damage doesn't occur resulting in you having to replace the whole windscreen.


Other damages and cracks are more extensive and need replacing completely, and these can include combination breaks and star breaks.

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Handling glass has the potential to be dangerous if not handled properly and with the right care, so making sure your business has the relevant qualifications to undertake this work is important.


Reading through past customer reviews allows you to gain insight on what type of business this is - are they easy to work with? Did they do a good job? Was their pricing fair? All of this information can be found on the business' Oneflare profile.


As with possessing the relevant qualifications, making sure the business has the right insurance to protect them while undertaking their work is just as important.

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