5 Steps to an Easy Spring Clean

5 Steps to an Easy Spring Clean

It’s that time of year. The sun is up earlier, the days are warmer and the flowers are beginning to bud. It’s finally spring time but before we pop our yellow attire on, it’s worthwhile taking the time out to restart your home on a clean slate. To help tackle your Spring time scrub, here is our guide to deep and effective cleaning.

Have a Plan and Find a Team
Spring cleaning can be overwhelming but with a practical and realistic plan, you can conquer the looming mountain of laundry and dishes by setting aside fifteen minutes a day and creating a list of areas that are top cleaning priority. Ask your family to join in by offering incentives and rewards.

Save on your Clean
Spring represents a time of renewal, growth and refreshment. It’s a good restart but spending in the guise of a ‘Spring Clean’ can be risky. Save on cleaning supplies by visiting dollar stores for generic gloves, sponges and brushes and be resourceful- if you are out of supplies, rely on DIY cloths by utilising old shirts or socks as polishing cloths. Consider replicating cleaning products by creating your own vinegar and baking soda solution!

Spring cleans are the perfect chance to scrub and steam areas of your home that are usually neglected during your routine cleans. Save time by considering a professional cleaner to do some of the initial ground work on your carpet, kitchen oven or bathroom before you plunge in.

Reuse and Recycle
During a deep Spring clean, it can be tempting to overturn your wardrobe, toss out the unworn and replace stuffy sweaters with spring dresses. Before you decide to trash your preloved items, consider how items can be creatively repurposed for future use and whether the item can be recycled in a clothing bin. Use this opportunity to donate some of your extra items to charity or exchange items with your friends. Why not host a good old garage sale? You’ll extend the shelf life of your once loved winter scarf and may even end up with a few extra dollars.

Ask the Hard Questions
Spring time cleans are a perfect opportunity to write up a to-do list for your household tasks. Anything from small household repairs to bigger tasks such as gutter cleans and garage cleans, now is the time to get motivated. While you pace around your house to spot incomplete tasks, consider which areas can be revamped for the new season. Do you need extra storage space? Can you incorporate a new shelf or move the table around for extra space?