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    Find a reliable concreter in Newcastle with high ratings and reviews. Compare quotes from talented and cheap Newcastle concreters near you. Whether you're paving a new concrete pathway for your home or need a sturdy, presentable footpath outside your business, you'll want the expertise of a professional concreter in Newcastle. Hiring the right local concreter ensures that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to a high-quality standard. While you might think that a small concreting job is something you can handle yourself, it's always best to leave it up to the professionals - especially if you aren't experienced in construction or renovation. Not only will a professional have a wealth of experience, but they'll also have access to all the necessary tools and equipment to guarantee that your job is done right. With the construction and renovation industry booming in Newcastle, there's no shortage of experienced and talented professionals offering excellent and competitively priced concreting services. Newcastle's top concreters have a proven track record of successful projects in various categories (slab work, driveways, footpaths, etc.). No matter what kind of concreting job you have in mind - from concrete resurfacing to building new driveways - you can find a reliable and cheap Newcastle concreter near you on Oneflare. Below you'll find all the top-rated and reviewed concreting experts across the Newcastle region. Find out more about each business's service offerings by visiting their business profile. When you're ready to confirm pricing, click the "Get Quotes" button. Get the smooth, sturdy, and low-maintenance concrete surface your home or business deserves by using Oneflare to find an excellent concreter in Newcastle.
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    Review left for Ezy Lay Concrete

    Outstanding team, Luke and the boys are a well-oiled team, Luke was the only quote that was an honest fair quote. I will 100% be calling on Ezy Lay Concrete when we are ready to resurface and then drop a pool in. When Hi Pages indicates the quote should be within a range and 6 o...

    Lauren Burge's Avatar

    Lauren Burge

    Review left for Bmj Concrete Constructions

    Ben was great! great communication, patient with waiting for the all clear and did an excellent job!

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    Types of Newcastle concreting services

    Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials and can be used in many applications. From residential driveways to public footwalks and industrial flooring, the possible applications of concrete are nearly limitless, and so is the variety of concrete services available. Below are some of the most popular concreting services in Newcastle:

    Concrete resurfacing

    Concrete resurfacing is the process of adding a new layer of concrete on top of an existing one. It can be used to repair damage such as cracks, chips, and stains or to refresh the look of old and worn-out concrete.

    Resurfacing is a cheaper alternative to completely removing and replacing existing concrete. It's also a quick way to achieve a new look without waiting for concrete to cure. The resurfacing process starts with preparing the existing surface, followed by applying a new layer of concrete.

    Find out more about concrete resurfacing and its costs with Oneflare's concrete resurfacing guide.


    Exposed aggregate concrete

    Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of concrete with a smooth, textured finish. This decorative finish is achieved by leaving natural or man-made aggregate (pebbles and stones) exposed on the surface.

    Exposed aggregate concrete is popular for its slip-resistant and low-maintenance properties. It's also an excellent option for those who want to add some visual interest to their concrete surfaces. Exposed aggregate concrete is most often used for driveways, pool surrounds, and other outdoor areas where a slip-resistant service is preferential.

    Learn about exposed aggregate concrete driveways with Oneflare.


    Concrete driveways

    Concrete driveways are popular for many homeowners as they are strong, durable, and low maintenance. A concrete driveway will also add value to your Newcastle property, especially for relatively large homes with more outdoor space to fill.

    Installation of concrete driveways begins with the preparation of the area, followed by the pouring and levelling of concrete. Once the concrete has cured, it will then be sealed to protect it from staining and weathering.

    Learn more about concrete driveways with Oneflare.


    Concrete patios

    Concrete patios are a great way to extend your living space and create an outdoor entertaining area. They're also a low-maintenance residential structure that will last many years before needing any touch-up work.

    Concrete patios can be either poured or stamped. Poured concrete is the most common type of patio and is simply a layer of concrete that's been levelled and smoothed.

    Stamped concrete is textured to look like stone, brick, or other materials. It's a popular choice for patios because it offers a wide range of design options and is relatively easy to maintain.

    Top Newcastle concreting questions

    How much does a Newcastle concreter cost?

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    The cost of hiring a concreter in Newcastle is usually determined by the job's size, complexity, and design. The average reported cost of a concreting service in New South Wales is $45 per square metre.

    However, concreting jobs involving a more specialised skillset or expensive material will cost more. For example, aggregate concreting jobs can cost up to $150 per square metre, while spray-ons cost between $45 and $75 per square metre.

    A few other factors will influence the overall cost of a concreting job, such as the type of finish you want and the accessibility of the site. The type of tools and machinery needed to complete the job will also add to the final bill. You may also need to consider rates for council permits.

    Learn more with Oneflare's concreting cost guide.

    What tools and machinery do Newcastle concreters use?

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    Depending on the concreting job, professionals will use different tools and machinery to complete the project. Small jobs may only need a few hand tools such as a trowel, float, and edger. Larger projects will often require the use of more heavy-duty equipment such as a concrete pump, mixer, and power trowel.

    Local concreters will also work around Newcastle's humid climate, which can impact the concrete setting and drying process. Depending on the weather, your concrete specialist may need to use different mixes, additives or application techniques to ensure your project is completed to a high standard.

    When can you drive on concrete after it's poured?

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    Depending on the weather conditions and type of concrete used, concrete can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to set. You'll also need to consider how thick the concrete is. For thin layers of concrete setting on a hot day, you may be able to drive on it in around 24 hours, while for thick layers of concrete setting on a humid day, you may need to wait closer to 48 hours.

    It's always best to check with your concreter about when you can drive on the concrete. They can give you an accurate time frame using their expertise.

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