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    Exposed aggregate concrete driveways

    Why it's the best option for your driveway

    Alex | Oneflare

    What is exposed aggregate concrete?

    Exposed aggregate concrete, also known as pebblecrete, is concrete that has stones or pebbles set into its surface. When this type of concrete is used for a driveway, it creates a durable, non-skid surface. It can withstand lots of heavy snow, rain and ice, blazing hot direct sunlight and any other type of extreme weather. An exposed concrete driveway made with aggregates lasts for years, and it requires very little maintenance. Property owners who want an array of colour choices for their driveways would benefit from the options available with exposed aggregate concrete. 

    Benefits of an exposed aggregate concrete driveway?


    An exposed aggregate driveway is durable enough to handle years of regular automobile traffic without showing tire marks or falling apart because of the vehicles’ weight. 


    Exposed aggregate driveways have been a popular choice in Australia since the 1960s because they are watertight and rain, snow and ice cannot penetrate their surface.

    Resistant to temperature changes

    Another reason property owners in Australia choose an aggregate concrete driveway is its ability to withstand dramatic temperature changes and not fall apart.

    Better grip 

    Many Australians who have steep driveways choose this type of pebbled concrete because its texture gives vehicles improved traction. 

    More visually appealing than regular concrete

    The different types of textures, colours and effects this pebbled concrete can create are plentiful. They include a glossy quartz finish or coloured glass in chic neutrals, rose pink, emerald green and other bold hues and aesthetic options. 

    A driveway made from beige exposed concrete
    An exposed concrete driveway / Source: GCM Concrete

    Is exposed aggregate concrete more expensive than standard concrete?

    A square metre of standard concrete costs between $60 and $85 to install. The cost of a square metre of exposed aggregate concrete is between $100 and $150 to install. But the exposed aggregate concrete often ends up being better value for money in the long run. Its installation costs are higher; however, its maintenance costs are lower. Plus, pebblecrete is more versatile, durable, stylish, attractive, maintenance-free, stain resistant, watertight and highly decorative than standard concrete. As such, it adds more value to your property. It’s colourful, improves traction, has a unique texture, is more aesthetically pleasing and can last for as long as 40 years.

    How is an exposed aggregate concrete driveway created?

    Creating an aggregate concrete driveway is a relatively simple process. It would help if you had a few supplies, including:

    •  Cement 
    •  Aggregate
    •  Trowels
    •  Wood or aluminium framing material
    •  Good hose and water supply
    •  Buckets for pebbles
    •  Broom with medium firm bristles
    •  Edging tool 

    Step-by-step guide

    1. Prepare and frame the area into which the aggregate cement driveway is to be poured.
    2. Mix and pour the concrete. Make sure the concrete is firm enough so the pebbles you add won’t sink.
    3.  Use the trowel to level and smoothen the concrete.
    4. Seed the soft but firm concrete with multicoloured pebbles.
    5. Press the pebbles into the concrete to the depth you want using the trowel to keep the surface flat 
    6. Give the concrete about 8 hours or so to firm up and set. When the concrete does not stick to your hand when you touch it, then it’s set and ready for the next step.
    7. Use your water hose and the broom to gently remove the top layer of concrete and expose the pebbles in the aggregate. Keep the brushing light and the water to a minimum as not to dislodge the pebbles. 
    8. Apply a finish coating to seal the concrete and let the concrete aggregate cure for a month or so before you begin using the driveway. This ‘locks in’ the pebbles and makes the surface a lot stronger. This type of exposed concrete driveway not only looks great and can last for years, but it can also increase the value of your property. 

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    Who would benefit from an exposed aggregate concrete driveway?

    A pebblecrete driveway can benefit any homeowner who is looking for a walkway, driveway, another surface that’s durable, long-lasting and has unique designs. People choose exposed aggregate concrete because it is highly customizable, can create subtle or bold effects that are distinct and come in many textures and colours. It is a versatile aesthetic option that’s bound together with concrete that can be tinted, so it matches any property. Chunks of polished glass can be put in the aggregate to add in luminescence and make an elegant design statement. Plus, aggregate reduces concrete’s susceptibility to spalling and makes it more robust and able to withstand dramatic temperature changes. A pebbled concrete driveway can also help to improve traction in humid and wet conditions.

    A garden path made from grey exposed concrete
    Exposed aggregate concrete can also be used for pathways / Source: Kas Concrete

    How to hire a concreter

    When you want to install an exposed concrete driveway, make sure the person you hire has the proper qualifications and meets all of Australia’s licensing requirements. Not just any mason has the training, qualifications, expertise and experience to install the concrete driveway finishes like aggregate concrete. Talk to friends and neighbours who have had attractive concrete driveway finishes with the aggregate pebbles in it done and ask them for references. Many of the local concreter trade organizations and associations may also be able to refer some adequately licensed and qualified concreters in your area with expertise and experience doing pebbled concrete driveway finishes.

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